Fresh Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200 and PDA600 news

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Amstrad CPC by OursoN Retrogames on Youtube


Already presented, OursoN Retrogame this time did a medley of Amstrad CPC games from films featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger :

  • Predator
  • Total Recall
  • Double détente
  • Terminator 2
  • the Running man

His latest video (5 days ago) is about Saboteur 2, Defender of the crown, 3D grand prix, Macadam bumper, Shackled and Venom stikes back.

New version (1208) of CHIPNSFX by CNGSoft, a multi-platform tracker and player for Z80 systems


The last version of CHIPNSFX tracker+player suite by CNGSoft is out since the 8th December 2017 : minor patch allowing longer title and description strings and accepting keys O, S and J as synonyms of Y on "yes/no" questions.

Novabug vs Zeusdaz round 38 on Impossaball


Exiting a long hibernation, I discover that Novabug and Zeusdaz, two Youtubbers who are speaking about Amstrad CPC games (but not only), are fighting on 8bit games for the one with the best score since a moment : it's their 38th fight, on Impossaball this time.

And I was thinking one day to propose to an Amstrad Youtubber a fight on on 2 players game, well the idea isnt very new, nice try Genesis8bit !

8-bit memoirs issue 1 by Mr_Lou, author of Sort'em (Amstrad CPC game)


Mr_Lou is active on Amstrad CPC scene, he wrote the game Sort'Em in 2009 (LuBlu Entertainment), programmed with Z88dk and cpcrslib.

Today, he finished the first issue of his 8-Bit Memoirs, a free ebook of his personal 8bit experience (about for example the Philips Videopac G7000, the Amstrad CPC and the Amiga) with more than 5 hours of video, illustrations (by Marlene "BlueAngel" Johansen), screenshots... It's free, but you can buy the physical collector edition for 17 €.

AY (ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST) Computer Sound Chip Emulator v2.9 beta 24


The ZX Spectrum Computer Sound Chip Emulator v2.9 beta 24 is available, it permits to listen to many music format files, including .YM, .AY and .AYM music files, for windows and linux.

Interview of Jean-Paul Mari (Microids) in french


An interview of Jean-Paul Mari who worked at Microids where he participated to the following games : Sliders, Eagle's Rider, Rodeo, Grand Prix 500 2 and also to Shufflepuck Cafe (Broderbund).

He is working at the moment with Eidos Montreal.

A Remake of Ghost'n Goblins for Amstrad CPC 6128+ by Golem13, Winner and Ixien


SInce one year, a remake of Ghost'n Goblins for Amstrad CPC 6128+ is in the work by :

  • Program: Frédéric Poesy (Golem13)
  • Graphics: Thomas Ferté (Winner)
  • Sound/Fx: Julien Riet (Ixien)

With the help and support of the following peoples :

  • Gérald Vincent (gerald) for the C4CPC card
  • Richard Wilson (Executioner) for WinAPE, the Amstrad Plus emulator
  • Edouard Bergé (roudoudou) for RASM, the ultimate Z80 assembler !
  • Julien Nevo (Targhan) for Arkos Tracker
  • Richard Gatineau (TotO)
  • Amaury Durand (BDCIron)
  • All the members!!!

  • Caprice Forever v2017-11, an Amstrad CPC emulator by Frédéric Coste for Windows


    Caprice Forever v2017-11 by Frédéric Coste is a modified version of the Caprice emulator (by Ulrich Doewich) for windows.

    • Fix FDC engine to pass most of Kevin Thacker’s New ‘acid’ tests
    • write sector with wrong cylinder
    • write sector with bad cylinder
    • Fix FDC engine to pass old Kevin Thacker’s ‘acid’ tests for Amstrad CPC 6128 only
    • Load disk and tape images inside ZIP from menu
    • update fullscreen dialog windows
    • Add AMX Mouse simulation
    • Improve support of second joystick
    • Add display option to reduce text during pause
    • Add dialogs GUI skin customization
    • Fix minor bugs

    Using the AMSDAP (Amstrad MSx aDAPter) with a SE-ONE on Amstrad CPC


    Another video by Prodatron showing the AMSDAP (Amstrad MSx aDAPter) which allow the use of MSX cartridges on Amstrad CPC, and in this test using a SE-ONE by TMTLOGIC which is a MP3 player a and FM receiver (radio).

    Damn, my Amstrad CT-1 (a Clock/Radio module to sit underneath the CTM640 or CTM644 Amstrad CPC monitor) is now useless !

    First video showing SymbOS on Amstrad CPC with AMSDAP + MSX Graphics9000


    Here is the first video by Prodatron showing SymbOS on Amstrad CPC with AMSDAP + MSX Graphics9000.

    At 2mn45 of the video, a video is running in SymbOS. The following words are from Prodatron : 16 colour bitmaps require the double amount of data compared to a 4 colour bitmap of the same size. The blitter inside the V9990 is doing a lot of things to speed up the graphic output. But it can't help so much when just pumping bitmap data from CPU memory to the screen. A video with the same resolution will have about half the framerate in 16 colours compared to 4 colours. So video output is not the best example for demonstrating the power of the GFX9000 (aka =CPC Powergraph).

    BDCIron is testing Baba's Palace, Profanation 2, BasketCases, Bitume, Gryzor


    BDCIron is streaming Baba's Palace, Profanation 2, BasketCases, Bitume and Gryzor. Of course the first two games issued from CPCRetroDev 2017 should be the more interesting to see.

    Greetings to him and the happy mother for their first born !

    Second part of the solution of Orion Prime by JB le Daron


    Here is the second video of the solution of Orion Prime by Arkos and les Sucres en Morceaux, made by JB Le Daron on Youtube.

    And listening to the beginning of the video, it seems that a new star is born, greetings to the happy parents.

    He is also mentionning that Profanation 2 tested by Amaury is really good (tomorrow maybe).