Fresh Amstrad CPC, PCW, Notepad NC100 NC150 NC200 and PDA600 news

Repoker de Ases, games by 4Mhz in a Dandanator


Repoker de Ases par 4Mhz is a compilation of 4Mhz's games in a cartridge, more exactly in a Dandanator, so it has a 64 Kb RAM expansion, nice for an Amstrad CPC 464.

BEWARE, there are only 150 of them, so be quick to order one.

Soon an encyclopedia of Amstrad CPC games in kindle format (Amazon) by @RetroLaird


Seen on Xyphoe's Twitter, @RetroLaird is finishing writing the first issue of an encyclopedia about Amstrad CPC games, as he already did for other 8bit computers.

A test of the Amstrad Emailer Plus done by ChinnyVision, an interesting device...


Let's talk about something else than Amstrad 8bit computers, though we will stay in the familly to see the test of the Amstrad Emailer Plus done by ChinnyVision.

The following informations are from the Emailer Plus wikipedia page.

The Amstrad E-mailer (often stylized as E-m@iler or written as Emailer or Em@iler) is a landline phone device, launched in 2000. It is essentially a desktop telephone with an LCD screen and limited Internet dialup and email messaging capabilities. Later models (the E-m@iler Plus, released 2002, and E3 Superphone with videophone capabilities, released 2004) were notable for including the ability to play ZX Spectrum videogames, leveraging Amstrad's previous experience manufacturing Spectrum models.The keyboard or Mailboard that slid out from under the handset was similar to the original ZX Spectrum keyboard, so it was similar to playing them on the Spectrum when using the E3 Superphone with its colour screen.

New v2.0.5b12 of the firmware for the wifi card M4 Board by Duke


The M4 Board which let you add wifi on your Amstrad CPC just got another firmware v2.0.5 beta 12.

This version corrects the loading of binary files (.BIN) after a memory instruction.

The Amstrad CPC remake of Phantomas 2 will be released this Friday


Phantomas 2 was released in 1986 on ZX Spectrum by Dinamic Software.

Since March of last year Jordi Sureda and Santiago Ontañon have been working on this Phantomas 2.0 for Amstrad CPC, which ended last December. The game will be released this Friday 1st February on Github.

More informations in spanish on Ready and Play.

It can be bought on Matranet.

Strider, the complete story by Slopes Game Room


Slopes Game Room on his Youtube channel is talking about things including the story of video games. This time it's about the série Strider serie (1 and 2) released on Amstrad CPC in 1989, created by Capcom and edited by U.S. Gold.

An Android remake of Deflektor by One Red Pixel


Deflektor is a classic game written by Vortex Software with a music by Ben Daglish. A non officiel Android remake exists in the Google store Google Under the name of Deflektor Classic by One Red Pixel. The remake has a 4,4 note, which is a good note, maybe you have some time to spare ?

RECOIL, a picture viewer for Android, Windows, macOS and Linux including Amstrad CPC pictures


RECOIL is an application for Android, Windows, macOS and Linux to view 20th century computer pictures, including the Amstrad CPC. Seven pictures formats of the Amstrad CPC are recognized (some I dont know) :

  • CM5+GFX (mode 5)
  • FNT (8x8 font)
  • HGB (HinterGrundBild)
  • PPH+ODD+EVE (Perfect PIX)
  • SCR+PAL (Advanced OCP Art Studio)
  • SGX (SymbOS)
  • WIN+PAL (Advanced OCP Art Studio)

CPCWiki cited in a document for accepting new Unicode characters


New characters will be added to Unicode following an Unicode working group doccument, which mentions a CPCWiki page about keyboard versions as a reference.

Sadly, only 2 Amstrad CPC characters will be added to Unicode, and not all of them as I thought at my first quick lecture, the dream was short.

RASM v0.107 by Roudoudou, an assembler/disassembler (multi platform) for Amstrad CPC


The last version of RASM is v0.107 (16th January 2019). This multi platform assembler/disassembler (linux, windows, but not only like MorphOS on Amiga) let you program for Amstrad CPC.

The online documentation is available.

update v0.106

- multi-line comments with /*  */

update v0.107
- colored output with Unix terminal- trigger error if a (VOID) arg is used with a
 macro which has parameter(s)
- added Vasm syntax ENDREP and ENDREPEAT to end a REPEAT block
- enforce zero result when there is an error in a calculation
- new directives NOEXPORT/ENOEXPORT to disable/enable on demand symbol export

M4FE v2.0.1, a frontend in ROM for the Amstrad CPC wifi extension card M4 Board


The new version of M4FE v2.0.1, a frontend for the wifi M4 board by Abalone is available. It corrects a problem with CATart not displaying correctly.