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Test of the Amstrad GX4000 console by Nostalagia Nerd onr Youtube


Nostalgia Nerd did a video on the Amstrad CPC Story, but as I wanted to listen to Burnin' Rubber music, I found a test of the Amstrad GX4000 console (October 2015) by him.

Nogalious by LUEGOLU3GO STUDIOS, an incoming game for Amstrad CPC, Spectrum, MSX, C64 and PC


Nogalious is an upcoming game by LUEGOLU3GO STUDIOS for Amstrad CPC but also for ZX Spectrum, C64, MSX and PC. It's a game between Abu Simbel and The Maze of Galious.

You can already see :

Terrorballs by Steven Monks, an Amstrad CPC game never released before


Seen on MO5, an Amstrad CPC game never released, it's a conversion of a ZX Spectrum (due to the screen size) : Terrorballs by Steven Monks (written in 1987). He is also the author of another game edited by Bug-Byte : Dogsbody (reflexion game) in 1985.

4Mhz is announcing its next Amstrad CPC game, Profanation 2 : Escape from Abu Simbel


Abu Simbel Profanation edited in 1986 by Dinamic Software is a hard platform game. It was also released on ZX Spectrum and MSX. It was converted on C64 at the start of 2017.

And now its sequel has been announced by 4Mhz : Profanation 2 : Escape from Abu Simbel on Indie Retro News and Twitter.

Third release of CHIPNSFX by CNGSoft, a multi-platform tracker and player for Z80 systems


Third release of CHIPNSFX tracker+player suite by CNGSoft : new command line options -P (cursor follows playback), -k1, -k2 and -k STR (set QWERTZ, AZERTY or custom keyboard map), following a suggestion from Beb..

iMPdraw v1.2 (2016) by AST/Imp4ct, a painting program for Amstrad CPC, new demo incoming


Released in April 2016, iMPdraw v1.2 is the last version of this Amstrad CPC painting program by AsT. A new version will be available this year.

Other painting program exists : GOS (CPC+ only) and Claudia (CPC and CPC+).

Also, on his site, he is announcing the 1st June that he is working on a one screen demo, without a release date (soon he hopes).

Double Dragon on Amstrad CPC, did you play the Mastertronic or the Melbourne version ?


In case you didnt know like me, there were two version of the first Double Dragon written by par :

Mix Game Over and Turrican and you get Galactic Tomb by ESP Soft for Amstrad CPC


Announced in April 2016 by ESP Soft, Galactic Tomb is a mix of Game Over and Turrican pour Amstrad CPC with a music by McKlain.

There are two Youtube videos available :

Artaburu is working on the level 3 of the game.

The cover of the game has been done by Lorena Azpiri.

Hidden hint only for the eyes of ESP Soft, I am quite willing to test the game ! End of hidden hint.

Never released Amstrad CPC games till yet by Clockwise Software


Seen on CPCWiki's forum de CPCWIki and Indie Retro News, four Amstrad CPC games were never released but preserved by Clockwise Software. His authors have given permissiom for them to be available :

Youtube videos about Amstrad CPC graphics by MacDeath


If you read Amstrad CPC forums, maybe you have read a few short messages by MacDeath. No I was only joking, you have read a lot of lenghty messages by him ! But he has also done some videos on Youtube on his prefered subject : Amstrad CPC graphics. The latest video by MacDeath is Amstrad CPC Graphics Live [Se02Ep04] (french audio).

Fourth release of CHIPNSFX by CNGSoft, a multi-platform tracker and player for Z80 systems


Fourth release of CHIPNSFX tracker+player suite by CNGSoft : new command Control-D tells whether the current instrument is unused or the current pattern is a duplicate (Shift: erase unused instrument, turn current pattern into a link to the pattern it is a duplicate of). Minor bugfixes: inconsistencies in -P mode and in channel toggling, better compression when generating INCLUDE files, etc. Minor changes in several songs. New DESPERA1.CHP.

TZXDuino or tapDancer Virtual Datasette to load Amstrad CPC tapes ?


To load an Amstrad CPC tape (or a ZX Spectrum one), you can use the old method : using a tape player. Or you can do it like a geek and use Android phone with tapDancer Virtual Datasette, but it's still a bit low tech. So for the geeks used to the HxC floppy emulator or the Gothek USB, you can use the TZX Duino.

Final version of the PCW-IO by Habi Soft, video and keyboard adaptator for Amstrad PCW


Habi Soft finished his interface to add on an Amstrad PCW a PS2 keyboard, video (PAL/NSTC), joystick and a mouse.

Check the youtube channel of Habi Soft.

El Capitan Trueno on Amstrad CPC and PC


El Capitan Trueno, an arcade game in two parts by Dinamic Software in 1989, comes from a comic by Victor Mora in 1965.

The Amstrad CPC game is a good one, and for a spanish game, its difficulty isnt too hard this time.

There is also a PC version of El Capitan Trueno (Abandonware). It has CGA graphics in 4 colors, I prefer the Amstrad CPC version personnally.

The tweet comes from one of the original authors of the Amstrad CPC game : Raúl Ortega Palacios.

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