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iMPdraw Ultimate Pack Edition ! by AST/Imp4ct is released


iMPdraw Ultimate Pack Edition ! by Impact, their new graphics tools (ConvImgCpc & iMPdraw) but also iMPdos, for xMass management. This pack contains M4_Asic rom, a special rom made by Duke for Amstrad Plus ONLY !!! So if you own an Amstrad Cpc, don't install it. Latest Albireo rom is available on this Ultimate Pack Edition.

iMPdraw works on Floppy Disc A/B, Gotek A/B, M4 sd Card, Albireo Sd Card & Usb, & xMass expansion Board (iMPdos only).

Have a good fun, Bugs reports are welcome, run"install" to start.

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