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Paleto Jones, an Amstrad CPC platform game by Mananuk


Mananuk (sur Twitter) just released a new Amstrad CPC game : Paleto Jones.

Rescue your uncle kidnapped by an indigenous tribe hidden deep in the jungle. You will have to return all their gold if you want to make your way through their temple and be able to rescue your uncle.

It's a platform game using the MK1 engine by The Mojons Twins and the WYZ player (and tracker) by Augusto Ruiz.

The MIDI converter (in python) by LambdaMikel is available


The python converter of MIDI music files written by Michael Wessel in python is availabe. It let you play MIDI files on an Amstrad CPC with two hardware expansions :

Source of the MIDI player in Z80 assembly is available.

Puzzle Bobble v1.1 by Crazy Piri is available


Crazy Piri has released a version 1.1 of Puzzle Bobble which features :

  • new balls
  • more animation (the balls shine :p)
  • monsters fall when you hit the ball
  • small QR code (easier to flash)
  • line didn't appear anymore after the first level (in hard mode)
  • C4CPC & Dandanator version available (that only need 64k)

SDCC v4.2.0 (C programming for Amstrad CPC) on PC and MacOS


A new version of the ANSI-C compiler SDCC v4.2.0 is available since the 8th March 2022 for windows, linux and MacOS.

CPCDiskAdapter by LambdaMikel


CPCDiskAdapter by Michael Wessel is an universal Floppy Disk Drive Adapter for the Amstrad CPC. It's a PCB which lets you connecting disk drives other than the standard Amstrad DD1 / FD1 drives to the CPC via the disk controller, which usually requires some floppy cable mods. Moreover, these mods usually fix the drive to either being CPC A or B drive.

With this adapter board, one can flexibly use the DIP switches to select 2 out of 3 possible disk drives, and flexibly determine which one is A or B. Moreover, no more (destructive) cable mods are required with this board.

The following drives can be used:

  • the standard Amstrad DD1 / FD1 3" floppy
  • standard PC 3.5" floppy (with READY signal if possible)
  • 5.25" floppy (with READY signal if possible)
  • Gotek floppy drive

If the drive does no emit the READY signal, then it can be "faked" by grounding the READY line with the corresponding READY DIP switch (this is a standard CPC floppy cable hack)

CPCDiskAdapter's PCB

disk drive cable

Amstrad CPC's disk drive tower

Amstrad CPC and disk drive tower

Airwolf 2022 by DarkSteph, an Unity remake of Airwolf for windows and macos


DarkSteph has programmed with Unity for windows and macos a remake of airwolf : Airwolf 2022. It's the second alpha with the level 1 of the game that you will be able to finally finish unlike on Amstrad CPC : too hard and buggy

RECOIL v6.1.1, a multiplatform picture viewer including Amstrad CPC pictures


RECOIL is an application for Android, Windows, macOS and Linux to view 20th century computer pictures, including the Amstrad CPC. Seven pictures formats of the Amstrad CPC are recognized (some I dont know) :

  • CM5+GFX (mode 5)
  • FNT (8x8 font)
  • HGB (HinterGrundBild)
  • PPH+ODD+EVE (Perfect PIX)
  • SCR+PAL (Advanced OCP Art Studio)
  • SGX (SymbOS)
  • WIN+PAL (Advanced OCP Art Studio)

Black Sea by Mananuk for Amstrad CPC is available


Black Sea Treasure Hunters by Mananuk is a new Amstrad CPC game released before on ZX Spectrum.

The story of the game is the following : submarine Captain Robinson goes deep into the Black Sea to search for treasures and discover all the secrets that those waters hold. The small bathyscaphe has a very limited oxygen deposit, so you will have to go to the nearby ports to recharge the cylinders. You must be careful not to disturb the inhabitants of the sea if you do not want to end up in the depths of the Black Sea.

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