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Happy new year 2012


Happy new year 2012, I wish you a good health too and also to all you love.

Phactory v2.2 is out


Phactory v2.2 by NoRecess is available.

This new version of this development environment targetting Amstrad CPC adds a new user interface, overall speed improvements thanks to a new plugin system, a new source code editor featuring Z80 assembly syntax highlighting and some minor bugs fixed.

At the moment there is no documentation, no examples, no templates and no support.

Countdown to R-Type remake


It's 18h06, you will have to wait still 2.332.400 seconds to be able to enjoy Easter Egg's new program : the R-Type remake for Amstrad CPC in colors !

This remake is done by Fano (code), TotO (graphics) et iXien(sound). You can read Fano's interview on Push'N'Pop.

So it's still 38.873 minutes, that's 647 hours or 27 days to wait... To help you in meantime, you can go on the R-Type remake's site to find screenshots, musics, the cover, the manual, and for course the preview video of the game on Youtube.

By the way, R-Type was cited on Boing Boing.

Easter egg's R-Type remake screenshot on Amstrad CPC  Easter egg's R-Type remake screenshot on Amstrad CPC

Moon Base III by Barrie M. Eaton, now on Android


In 1991, Barrie M. Eaton wrote an adventure game Moon Base III.

21 years later, his son couldnt find an adventure game on Android, so he ported this game, using Android features (speech synthesis for example). Moon Base III is available as a demo version (20% of the game), or in full version for 1,60 € on the Android market.

game screenshot of the amstrad CPC game Moon Base III  game screenshot of the amstrad CPC game Moon Base III

Bubble Bobble remake (BB4CPC) by César Nicolas Gonzales


In 1986 Taito released the arcade game Bubble Bobble featuring the twin Bubble Dragons Bub and Bob. It was converted in 1987 on Amstrad CPC by Software Creations and distributed by Firebird. Alas this Amstrad CPC version had no music, nice sprites (or not), sound effects (my ears are still bleeding).

That's why César Nicolas Gonzales (author of the CPCE Amstrad CPC emulator) started a faithful remake of the arcade version which could work on an Amstrad CPC 464 (only 64 Ko) : BB4CPC. So this remake uses the full 16 colors of the Amstrad palette, music, nice sound effects, enhanced sprites, all the original levels and final boss. It was released a few days ago just after christmas 2011. Tom et Jerry did some work on the music.

loading screenshot of the amstrad CPC game Bubble bobble 4 CPC  menu screenshot of the amstrad CPC game Bubble bobble 4 CPC  intro screenshot of the amstrad CPC game Bubble bobble 4 CPC  gameplay screenshot of the amstrad CPC game Bubble bobble 4 CPC 

How to write a double side DSK for use on an Amstrad CPC


To write a single DSK image file you can either use :

Beware, WriteDSK works on the CPC (you must have a PC 3,5" with the .DSK which will be copied on the same 3,5" drive or another 3" drive). It supports the CPC Booster by Antitec.

But if you want to write a double sided DSK, you will have to use CPCDiskXP by Mochilote for the moment.

P.S. : from the WriteDSK documentation, it should support double side DSK.

The disk utility ManageDsk v0.20g by Demoniak is available


ManageDSK v0.20g by Ludovic Deplanque is out. Its interface is available in english, french and spanish. It features :

  • create an empty .DSK file,
  • add files in a .DSK file,
  • extract files from an .DSK file,
  • rename files in a .DSK file
  • delete files in a .DSK file,

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