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Gamebase CPC v13


GameBase CPC v13 is available in full version only (no update from v12).

SDCard HxC floppy emulator on pre-sale


You can now pre order your SDCard HxC Floppy Emulator on Ebay. Price is 60 pounds sterlings plus shipping (total of 78,19 €). The cards are made by Lotharek (Poland) with the permission of the HxC author.

Beware, you will also need the proper cable sold on Ebay :

And of course, you will also need a 5 volts alimentation for the HxC.

This version supports of course reading of DSK, but also writing.

You can see this SDCARD HxC floppy emulator working on an Amstrad on Youtube.

A DK'Tronics 256 Ko silicon disk in gold on Ebay


After the Ubi Soft gun for 217 Euros on Ebay, here it is a DK'Tronics 256 Ko silicon disk for 323 pounds. I was interested in it, but I had to change my mind :-).

DKTronics 256 Ko silicon disc

After Star Sabre, Dead on Time by Axelay for Amstrad CPC


Axelay is the author of Star Sabre and Star Sabre 128 (a shoot them up). His new creation is Dead on Time, an arena shooter, where you have to last the longer possible vs waves after waves going for you. It reminds me of Time Pilot by Konami.

game screenshot of Dead on Time by Axelay game screenshot of Dead on Time by Axelay game screenshot of Dead on Time by Axelay game screenshot of Dead on Time by Axelay

Contiki v2.40 available


Contiki v2.40 (a small but modern operating system) is available since 16th February 2010. A previous version has been compiled for Amstrad CPC with the Small Device C Compiler.

Final SDCard HxC floppy emulator


The final version of the SDCARD HxC Floppy Emulator is ready (there is also an USB version with the CPC connected to a PC). It can read and write DSK files.

You can see this SDCARD HxC floppy emulator on Youtube.


Arkos Tracker preview for ... windows


Targhan (Arkos) has announced on the CPC_FR mailing list a preview of Arkos Tracker for windows. You can see a video of this Arkos Tracker preview on Youtube. Final version could be released in 2 or 3 weeks.

Seing the video, you can export to .WAV et .YM, and import .SKS (STarKos Tracker). The program can send the sound directly to an Amstrad CPC with a CPCBooster (I have some to sell, cant remember at the moment the price I paid for them, but they will be selled without a profit) or of course directly on the sound card of the PC.

More features given on the CPC Wiki's forum :

  • 256 patterns available
  • Each pattern is composed of 3 independent tracks
  • 512 tracks available, each being reusable in any pattern, or even several times in the same pattern
  • Each track can be transposed independently in a pattern
  • A track has a height from 1 to 128 lines, independently of the pattern that uses it
  • 255 instruments available
  • The instrument editor allows you to modify each registers of the PSG
  • Replay frequency of 13, 25, 50, 100, 150 or 300hz
  • Possibility to put "events" in your song. They can either be used to synchronize your music with your production, or trigger digidrums for exemple
  • Big news : instruments are divised into two channels : a Software, and Hardware one. These channels can be independant or dependent from each other. Allows using two waves at the same time
  • Allows you to play sound effects in a very flexible and powerful way. You can also play the SFXs without any music
  • You can import any STarKos song
  • NO SID/DMA for CPC+ for now. I may plan that...

About the Player :

  • Only 25 scanlines maximum used !
  • On top of being faster than the STarKos player, it's lighter : one and a half kb.
  • The player works on Amstrad CPC, MSX, Spectrum or Pentagon (using conditional assembling : only the necessary code is used).
  • The generated songs are very light (about as much as the STarKos song. Sometimes a bit lighter, sometimes not).
  • Can be used in Basic (call the player by yourself, or use it under interruptions), and Assembler.
  • The source of the player is given, and documented.
  • The format of the music is given. So you'll be able to create your own custom tools (conversion, new players...).
  • Fade in/out available.

About the sound effects :

  • Every instrument of your song becomes a sound effect.
  • You can play/stop a sound effect on any, or all, of the 3 channels.
  • You can choose the note, volume, speed of any triggered SFX.
  • You can add Pitch to them (useful to add randomness to the sounds, for example).
  • Sound effects are in a seperate file : you can use the same sound bank even if you change the music.

Old english Amstrad CPC newspapers


Amstrad CPC demos on CPC-Power


CPC-Power is the Amstrad program database made by (but not only) Kukulcan and Loïc Daneels. You will find there databases of games, archives (documents like the documentation of CPC), Gamebase CPC, ads, and lately they added an Amstrad CPC demos database. One future feature for this site is to add the demos to my own database, but I will have to find the time for this.