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Unhallowed (2019), an adventure game for Amstrad CPC by Blerkotron


I am just 3 years late to announce this graphical adventure game by Blerkotron : Unhallowed which has a good note in the issue 56 of CAAD (spanish zine about adventure games).

It’s Halloween and you’re on your way home from work, tired and hungry and wanting nothing more than to put your feet up in front of the TV. But something dark and evil lurks within your home, waiting for you to return...

Unhallowed is a classic text-adventure game with a few twists to make it more palatable for modern players.

New loading screen for the Tank game by Alexandre Nauguet


After Eric Cubizolle (Titan) who made several superb new loading screens for Amstrad CPC game, it's the turn for Alexandre Nauguet who made this beautiful loading screen for the game Tank by Choice Software in 1987 (edited by Ocean Software), the original screen is the following :

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Tank by Choice Software

And here is the new one which keeps the original informations :

new loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Tank by Alexandre Nauguet

Red Planet for Amstrad CPC by Play on retro is available


First announced in 2017 using the CPCTelera framework, Salvador Cantero finally used the MK1 game engine by the Mojons Twins for his platform game Red Planet, the initial version was for ZX Spectrum. You can see the game being finished on Youtube by Amstrad Maniaque.

The game is written by :

  • Salvador Cantero : programmation, graphics
  • tacha : music and sound effects (I personally like the music)
  • masterklown : cover illustration

WIP Revenge of Trasmoz by Volcano Bytes on Amstrad CPC


Revenge of Trasmoz by Volcano Bytes is a WIP Amstrad CPC conversion of their game Curse of Trasmoz originally for ZX Spectrum. It's a 2 player arcade platform game on one screen.

The game is written by Carlos Pérezgrin and Borja de Tena, music and sound FX by Beyker and A. Pérez, cover art and graphics by Dani Diez, loading screen by BitFans. It is written with the CPCTelera framework by Francisco Gallego.

The War of the Solice, a remake of Lords of Midnight (Mike Singleton)


The War of the Solice is a 3D remake of the Lords of Midnight game (Mike Singleton) made by The Frozen Empire (Andrew Smart and Wayne Britcliffe), for windows and MacOS.

I wrote about it years ago, last version was releasd in 2021, see the interesting trailer on Youtube.

Goody, el regreso by Ivan AVILA, an incoming Amstrad CPC game


Last game by Ivan AVILA is Goody, el regreso, it has been written with the 8bp library in basic. Good is a platform game.

A remake of Wonder Boy by Benjamin Yoris is now on hold


Benjamin Yoris was working on a Wonder Boy remake since 2020, but this project is now on hold.

You can download it on CPCWiki to see for yourself. It isn't possible to finish the level as the distance between two clouds are too big.

PunyInform v3.6 by Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson to write text adventure games


PunyInform v3.6 by Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson is a library written in Inform 6 to create adventure game (pure text, no graphic support contrary to DAAD) using the Z-machine virtual machine which will run on 8bit computers (or more recent computers too). PunyInform has a parser, knowing of common verbs and a framework to write adventure games.

PunyInform is based on the Inform 6 library written by Graham Nelson. Its goal is to make easily adventure games in Inform 6, with a manual describing the differences between the official library and PunyInform..

Games using PunyInform can be compiled in z3, z5 and z8 format (z3 being the best format for 8bit computers, other formats have more features). Compared to the Inform 6 library, it means that there is no support for the Glulx virtual machine but z3 format is important as Inform 6 doesnt support it.

To compile games written with PunyInform, you should use the Inform 6 compiler maintained by David Kinder. Binaries are available on if-archive. PunyInform needs Inform v6.35 (or more).

They are tutorials to write adventure game with PunyInform (end of the page) and all the documentation including a 8 page cheat sheet (quick reference)..

To try your game after compilation, you can use WinFrotz by David Kinder, to create map easily you can use Trizbort.

And finally, to create an Amstrad CPC and PCW disk image, you will have to use the Puddle BuildTools.

History of the Amstrad CPC game le Passager du temps with Génération Micros


Génération Micros has made a video for his 30th cult game : le passager du temps on Amstrad CPC by Alain Bregeon and Patrick Beaujouan. He is talking about its history and the life of its authors.

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