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Sgt Helmet Training day 2020, the last Amstrad CPC game by the Mojon Twins is out


Cheman is the last Amstrad CPC game by The Mojons Twins, cover by kendroock, history by maribip, na_th_an and anjuel, music by David Sánchez (aka Davidian aka Murcian). The game uses the following framework/library : MK1 PSTCRA by The Mojon Twins, Cprslib by Artaburu and WyzPlayer by Wyz.

It looks like a Commando BUT ammunitions are limited, dont play trigger happy or you will burn yourself, use your brain. You will use a joystick or the keyboard (O P Q A for directions, space to shoot, directions + space to push a rock for blocking a laser).

You control Sgt. Helmet who has to perform several missions: traverse the enemy camp (with and without ammonition), rescue the hostages, finding 5 bombs, setting them next to the evil computer, then get back to base, or destroy motorbikes. Use keycards to open closed gates and kill every clone soldier if he stands in your way. You can destroy the barbed wire to progress (but avoid touching them!) as well. But beware! Bullets are prized and you better save them. You can refill your ammo with the magazines you will find across the map – but you better be savvy. Use boulders to block lasers so your ass doesn’t get burned and… GOOD LUCK!

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