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Temu by 40Crisis, a Game Boy emulator for Amstrad CPC to play Tetris


40Crisis has written a Game Boy emulator for Amstrad CPC which allows only to play the original Tetris game (the ROM is of course NOT included with the emulator).

To put the v1.1 ROM of Tetris (v1.0 won't work) inside the Temu .DSK disk image, you can use ManageDSK (don't forget to add the Amsdos header). The name of the file must be rom.bin.

Attention you must use this emulator with an Amstrad CPC 6128 (run"temu) or 6128+ (run"temuplus").

This emulator could for the future emulate other games but the mapper for example isnt emulated so few other games would work.

For the keyboard commands, please read the included documentation.

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