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Double Dragon Trilogy on PC free with a game bought on (not for long)


If you are fast enough, by buying a game on, you will get Double Dragon Trilogy on PC for free.

News about the Amstrad CPC game Chibi Akumas (Episode 2 : Confrontation!


The following words comes Keith56, the author of the Amstrad CPC game Chibi Akumas (Episode 2 : Confrontation! :

I've reached a bit of a milestone today, so I thought I'd do a bit of a announcement!

All the levels are now complete - this means all the shared 'core' game code is pretty much done (with 79 bytes of free memory!), all the level graphics are finished, all the boss battles are programmed!

This means I'm now able to pretty confidently tell you what IS in the game, not what I HOPE will be in there!

In 'celebration' of this milestone, I have set up the official website for the new game!

Right now there's just some 'teaser' content on there to give google something to link to - and so people who haven't played EP1 know the staggering stupidity that they're in for! but please take a look, and maybe you'll get a laugh out of it!

the game will be DEFINATELY be released in 2017 - and I expect it to be relased in a couple of months - I had aimed for a July release, and I've not been slacking, but I don't want to rush and release something that is not as good as it could have been - I have been working like crazy on this game, and want to see it released as the best thing I can do.

Finally I know people will want screenshots and videos and the like - and I will release all that kind of stuff over the coming weeks/months, but please wait a little longer - and I will explain why...

I still have *months* of hard work to do on this game, I have worked hours a day, at least 9 days out of 10, the whole year on this game (EP2 is based on the code from EP1 - when EP1 was finished, I just kept on coding without stopping)

The tough thing about coding a game of this scale is not

coming up with an idea, it's not drawing the graphic or even writing the code - the tough bit is keeping working at it, and keeping motivation when it get boring, or when there are problems, or when it seems no one gives a sh*t... and right now I need to keep it all the 'magic' secret so there's no chance my motivation will run out before the last stretch and the finish line is in sight

From here on I will work on the game music (Unique on all 5 levels), the Intro/Cutscenes and other incidental graphics (Bigger and Far more than EP1) - and test the thing like crazy (Much more to test now the game supports 1 or 2 players ), so I'm not done yet, but I'm hoping all the seemingly 'impossible' stuff is now done!

Lode Runner Legacy available on Steam


Lode runner Legacy is available now on Steam.

Lode runner Legacy by Tozai Games is a voxel 3D version. You can create your own levels, modify the character, ennemies, objects. There is a solo adventure axed on reflexion without ennemies. You can also play to the 150 originals levels with Apple 2 graphics (with a small 3D), or even played to new levels created by other players.

loading screen of the Lode Runner game for Amstrad CPC

Pre order Switchblade on Atari Jaguar


You can preorder Switchblade on Atari Jaguard by Piko Interactive. Already on CPC and CPC+, this port is based on the Amiga version. Rights have been bought from Gremlin and the cover has been done by Simon Phipps, the original author (and of Rick Dangerous).

A spanish traduction of the french adventure game Alphakhor (Loriciels, 1989) by MiguelSky


Alphakhor is an Amstrad CPC adventure game by Guy POLI (programmation and music) and Jean-michel NOLLEVAUX (scénario et graphics), edited in 1989 by Loriciels. An epidemic is killing all humans, the only hope is to find a cure in the past as the same virus swiped humans but was defeated successfully.

You can see all the screenshots of the game on :

And now, the game has been translated in spanish by MiguelSKy (see the source link below).

Project Goat, the next Amstrad CPC game by Defecto Digital Studios


Not much informations for the moment, but Project Goat should be the next game by Defecto Digital Studios, you can only see a gif on Twitter.

Roland Radio, an Amstrad CPC radio internet, soon with more tunes


Roland Radio is an internet radio, and its program should interest you : only Amstrad CPC music.

There will be more Amstrad CPC tunes soon on Roland Radio, so listen up !

An Amstrad CPC game engine by Rhino (Batman Group) and a demo of a game by GinBlog82


Super Mario Bros is the common point of the game engine that Rhino (Batman Group) is working on and about which Xyphoe did a video. In this case, Super Mario Bros world is only a proof of the game engine, not meaning an incoming game.

But GinBlog82 is really programming a Super Mario Bros game with hardware scrolling.

My OursoN Retrogames is so soft, and he is doing videos of Amstrad CPC games on Youtube


Another person doing video of Amstrad CPC games on Youtube, in french, he is called OursoN Retrogames (ourson means bear cub). He just did his eighth video about six games : Skateball, Ikari Warriors, Marauder, Gilligan's gold, Grand Prix 500cc and Renegade. Come caress his fur on Youtube.

An Amstrad CPC 464 without its defective drive tape


Olivier Bruneau has an Amstrad CPC 464 with a defective drive tape which he tried to repair, but without success. This tape drive could even make the 464 bug ! While he was doing research on internet, he found a forum where someone had the same problem and the radical solution he used. So he did the same thing : amputation of the defective tape drive. Well see below, happily even without the tape drive it's still possible to use the 464 with an incoming DDI3 USB Floppy Emulator by Zaxon.

Thanks to Olivier for letting me put his photo on the web site.

Amstrad CPC 464 without a tape drive by Olivier Bruneau

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