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2 Amstrad CPC meetings at once in Germany and France


Two meeting will take place at the same time from the 29th to the 31th May 2009 :

Amstrad expo 2009 meeting


The Amstrad expo 2009 meeting will take place from the 29th to the 31th May 2009 at the Espace Jeunes (F.J.T) in Coutances (50 - Normandie - France).

There will be 4 contests :

  • Demo : 3D theme
  • Demo : free theme
  • Games : free theme
  • Graphic : free theme

Cost for meeting, sleeping and eating :

  • Inscription given before 20th may 2009 : 8 Euros
  • Inscription after 20th may 2009 and directly on site : 10 Euros

Contact : eliot (at)

A golden gun on Ebay


217 Euros for a Super Pack Gun Stick (Ubi Soft) on Ebay. I hope the buyer will enjoy what he bought.

Super Pack Gun Stick

Stelladaptator 2600 to USB interface


Seen on the comp.sys.amstrad.8bit newsgroup : the Stelladaptator allows the use of standard Atari 2600-compatible controllers, including joysticks (like the one used on Amstrad CPC), paddles, and driving controllers, with modern computers running Windows, Macintosh, or Linux operating systems. Any Atari 2600-compatible joystick, when plugged into your computer through the Stelladaptor will behave as a normal joystick. This allows the use of classic Atari controllers with any software that will work with an 8-direction digital joystick controller (left, right, up, down, and diagonals).

Stelladaptator 2600 to USB interface

CPCGamesCD updated


CPCGamesCD is a live CD by MiguelSky with emulators and the NVG Amstrad game collection. It has been updated :

  • Includes frontend, new CPC Loader 2.4 by Troels K.
  • Includes NVG games update 11.04.2009
  • Includes Snap-Pack by MiguelSky (3576 images)
  • Added new version 6.2 of JavaCPC emulator
  • Includes Linux version of CPCLoader 2.4 and emus update
  • Includes Maps folder of NVG and support for that
  • Includes Links to T.A.C.G.R.

Wiituka, an Amstrad CPC emulator for the Nintendo Wii


Wiituka is a brand new Amstrad CPC emulator for the Nintendo Wii by D_Skywalk. It features :

  • a comfortable interface that tries to look like Virtual Console
  • online support for downloading games
  • CPC Gunstick Emulation

Next version will feature :

  • Redefine WiiMote Keys
  • Game List with Screenshots
  • Snapshot (and tape?) Support
  • Roms details, votes and much more!

logo of Wiituka, an Amstrad CPC emulator for the Nintendo Wii

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