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Cpctro, a Amstrad CPC demo by ZeroTeam


ZeroTeam is a ZX Spectrum demo group. Though they just released an Amstrad CPC demo : cpctro.

Cpctro demo by ZeroTeam on Amstrad CPC

Amstrad CPC is 25 years old in 2009


For the 25 years of the Amstrad CPC in 2009, Amstradeus (bilingual site, choose language at upper left of the page) is organizing a graphic contest till the 30th May 2009. You must send an image about the quarter of century of the Amstrad CPC in JPG or PNG to win a CPC 464 firmware book (in english).

Amstrad CPC on Youtube


I just added a new feature for the Amstrad CPC games database, you can now see video game footage from Youtube on each game page, see for yourself just below (javascript needed) :

Batman the movie

Or just browse the database for more game memories.

CPCDiskXP v2.0, a .DSK file manager by Mochilote on CPCMania


A new version of CPCDiskXP is available on CPC Mania. It's a .DSK file manager for windows XP, version 2.0 is from January 2009.

CPCDiskXP for windows XP

Joyce v2.2.1 by John Elliott, an Amstrad PCW emulator


Last version of Joyce (v2.2.1) by John Elliott is still fresh (January 2009), it emulates an Amstrad PCW (including the PCW16) for Unix, Windows and MacOS X.

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