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Wolfenstrad, an Amstrad CPC demo by Dirty Minds


A new Amstrad CPC demo by the Dirty Minds group : Wolfenstrad, written by Optimus, graphics by Voxfreax and music by Sice.

You can download the Wolfenstrad demo here or on Pouet. You can watch it on Youtube.

This demo was shown at the FOReVER XIII demo competition. It uses a wolfenstein 3D like motor, already shown more than one year ago on Youtube.

It was prgrammed in C with SDCC but also in Z80 assembly.

Amstar issue 1 and 3 sold on Ebay, ouch...


You really have to love your Amstrad CPC to pay 180 € for the issue 1 of the french magazine Amstar and 159 € for the issue 3 of the same Amstar.

200 € for an Amstrad CPC 664 without its screen on Ebay, it's another nice sum of money.

Be original, for the 2012 St Valentin, offer an Amstrad CPC to the person you love, seing the current price, it seems to be a beautiful gift that make her jump into your arms for a lovely ambrace (or not, just try it and let me know if it works. I wont reimburse you if the gift isnt appreciated).

For the end, a special prize : the Amstrad CPC game Meurtre en série by Cobra Soft again on Ebay for 329 €, with its physical clues).

Samdisk v3.1 by Simon Owen, disks tranfers


SAMdisk v3.1 by Simon Owen is out.

The utility supports transfers between floppy disks and disk images, and is designed to work with almost any soft-sectored disk format compatible with the PC floppy controller, including some copy-protected formats.

Low-level floppy device access requires the fdrawcmd.sys driver to be installed.


Version 3.1 (2012-03-18)
- Added --repair option to help combine damaged image dumps
- Added write support for D88 images
- Added support for IMD mixed sector sizes
- Added record name from source basename, if no label available
- Added more file sizes for raw image recognition
- Added verbose track output for floppy->image dumping
- Fixed IMD creation using 500Kbps instead of 250Kbps
- Fixed bit alignment during IPF track wrapping
- Fixed converting images to BDOS format when setting label
- Increased --rescan matching distance from 32 to 64 bytes
- Updated to zlib 1.2.5, using zlibwapi.dll instead of zlib1.dll

North and South commercial remake


North and South was available in 1988 on Amstrad CPC by Infogrames

A commercial remake of North and South should be out at the end of April on Iphone/Ipad, PC and MAC and later on Android.

Anuman Interactive is working on this remake which will be out under the name of Microïds.

You can see a video of the longplay of North and South on Youtube by Xyphoe.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game North and South

Shao Lin's Road, review and longplay by Xyphoe


Shao Lin's Road (kicker) is an adaptation of the Konami arcade game (1985), the spiritual son of Yie Ar Kung Fu. It was available on Amstrad CPC in 1987 by The Edge.

You can see the video of this test of Shao Lin's Road on Youtube by Xyphoe.

loading screen of the Amstrad CPC game Shao Lin's Road

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