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CPCemu v2.4, an Amstrad CPC emulator by Rainer Loritz is available


Rainer has released CPCemu v2.4. It's available for MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux (x86_64 and ARM, in particular on Raspberry Pi) and Windows.

New version features :

  • Original (virtual) CPC keyboard in 4 different languages. Click/touch near the bottom border to get it
  • Loading firmware ROMs (0 and 255) from the running emulator (setup menu)
  • Upgrade to the latest SDL version (2.0.18). If you don't get the virtual keyboard, the on-screen joystick and the graphical main menu on Linux (Intel and ARM/Raspberry) I recommend upgrading your installed SDL version
  • Correction of many errors (M4 file names, M4 sockets, sound output, restart of emulation, error tolerance, screen layout, Z80 R register)

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