February 2000 archives


Get the new msdos version of the AIFF decoder v1.3 (by Pierre Guerrier) compiled by Ulrich Doewich.

So there are now 2 utilities to read CPC tapes : AIFF decoder and Tape2HDD (see below).


Da Boxon Team (DBT) (a french demo group) isn't anymore. Welcome to the new group TNT.

News of Caprice with a GUI screenshot.


Get the new utility Tape2HDD by the author of the No$CPC emulator. It's an msdos utility to read CPC and MSX tapes using your sound card.


Thanks to Luis Godinho, here is something interesting : a 3,5" drive TEAC FD-235HF-A529 which can use the READY signal with jumpers. Go see TEAC web page for more technical informations. With this drive you can have the disc missing message when there is no disk in the drive. There are more jumpers to configure this drive, which cost around 260 FF. But Teac sell it only 30 drives at the minimum. German could have better offers as Teac Europe is in Germany. If some french are interested, it could be possible to group several commands.


There are some interesting Caprice news.


Get the MYMplay update, for Amstrad CPC by AndyC. It plays MYM music files (YM music files converted to play on Amstrad CPC). It can also convert YM files for the CPC+ DMA.


New link added, go to 101 way to use an Amstrad CPC !


A new update of the TURBO TRANSFER PC to CPC utility by Tino Longueira. Turbo Transfer let you transfer DSK and extended DSK images from PC to CPC with a parallel cable in 50 seconds. See the author's web page.


New file added, get MYMplay v0.3 by AndyC, it plays MYM music files (YM music files converted for Amstrad CPC).

It's a conversion of MYMPLAY 0.3 by Lieves!Tuore for MSX, ASM sources and C included.