Web sites about utilities for Amstrad computers

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links about utilities for Amstrad computers
Arkos site in englishsite in german a french demo group, you will find their productions (demos, the demoniak zine, utilities)
Bollaware site in english a german Amstrad group, author of several good games, demos and utilities
Condense (NoRecess) site in english NoRecess web site, his programming utilities, interviews, etc...
CPC Museum site in german a lot of disk images files for emulators coming from commercial games and listings from newspapers, and more than 300 .YM files
CPC-Power site in englishsite in germansite in spanishsite in german a database of Amstrad CPC programs (games, demos, utilities...)
CPMTools site in english a package which allows unix to access CP/M file systems (like mtools for ms-dos file systems), it works on floppy devices as well
Futurs site in englishsite in german a french group which makes demos, Quasar the paper fanzine, games, utilities and hardware add-on such as the SoundPlayer (better sound on CPC, with Virtual Net 96 optionnal : network on Amstrad CPC)
Octoate.de site in english

News about the Amstrad world

Tim Rieman is the author of DIC (Disc image copy) for copying CPC disc to PC with the parallel cable and is working on an IDE interface to use hard disks on an Amstrad CPC
Prodatron site in english a german demo maker, author of SymbOS, a new operating system for the Amstrad CPC
Sean's Amstrad CPC pages site in english

an Amstrad CPC Basic tutorial by Sean McManus which was sold by Campursoft.

You will also find the programs included with the tutorial and the utilities written by Sean
Tom et Jerry (GPA) site in german Tom and Jerry (GPA) homepage's, you will find GPA demos and TJ utilities