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a remake of the MSX game Kings's Valley for Amstrad CPC by Syx


I am quite busy professionnaly at the moment, which explains the lack of news during september, it will get better only starting with 2011...

King's Valley is a classic for the MSX computers, a remake of this game has been announced for on the Ladrillo-Pixeles de Colores blog. Programmation of this remake is in debugging stage.

game screen of the Kings's Valley remake for Amstrad CPC

Burnin' Rubber incoming on Playstation Network


Too bad it's not the Burnin' Rubber we all know, which came with all Amstrad CPC+. Instead this game was called Bump 'n' Jump, aka Burnin' Rubber in Japan, it's a 1982 Japanese arcade game created by Data East Corporation.

Burnin's Rubber on playstation network

Color Lines is out, really, I dont lie, it's for real, you have to believe me


Ten years after the development of this game started, it's out. First, I would like to introduce this reflexion game with the own words of the author (who for sure had smoken a CPC+ cartridge as he seems to be under the effect of Acid) :

Warning, warning ! Color Lines must not be put in everybody hands. Wonderful graphics, melodious music, perfect playability are just there to hide the incredible addiction power of this game. Enter a world where pure logic and sometimes luck are you only weapons !

Sadly the physical package (box, documentation, 3 and 3,5 inch disk) will be only available to the lucky people who were present at the Amstrad Expo Meeting. Back from the meeting, Tom and Jerry will release a .DSK of his game. Maybe later package will be available for order, not sure though. The documentation and the game itself are in french and english.

To play this game is easy, on a 9x9 chessboard you have to align 5 circles of the same color in all possible directions, the game ends when the chessboard is full.

Many people did contribute to the game (France, Greece and United Kingdom) :

  • Z80 code : Tom and Jerry
  • main graphics : Eldrik
  • music and sfx : Tom and Jerry
  • additionnal music : Ultradsy
  • beta testing : Supersly
  • skins (chessboard and score panel) : Eldrik, Supersly, Ced, Papy CPC, Fano, Macdeath, Rex, VoXfReaX, Nori, Winner
  • english translation : Nicholas Campbell
  • cover and stickers : Lobo and Kukulcan

The first picture (front cover of the game) below is a collector, you see on it my hands taking the photo

Color Lines front cover

Color Lines front and back cover

Color Lines disks

full package of Color Lines

Blue Angel 69 CPC conversion by Kevin Thacker


Kevin Thacker is finishing working on a conversion of a Magic Bytes reflexion game released in 1989 : Blue Angel 69 (C64, PC CGA and EGA) written by Winfried Stappert. The original game is turn based (vs computer or another player). The screen draws a 8x8 chessboard filled with positive or negative numbers. Each turn, the player must choose a number whichs on the same linge (or column for the other player) that the last chosen number. Once chosen the number est removed from the chessboard and added or substracted from the player score. The goal of the game is of course to have more points than your adversary at the end of the game (where you will see the sexy robot fully).

For the history, the term Sexy Robot is used to describe Hajime Sorayama's renditions of the female robot forms which is covered with silver metal, first created in 1979. Initially, Sorayama had the idea to combine robots with eroticism to create the Sexy Robots.

Blue Angel 69 intro screenshot

Blue Angel 69 menu screenshot

Blue Angel 69 game screenshot

Six new Amstrad CPC games tested on CPC Games Reviews


CPC Game Reviews has 6 new reviews (Deathscape, Diamond Mine, Unitrax, Whopper Chase, Alien Storm and Space Hawks).

GamebaseCPC stops


Bad news, GamebaseCPC will stop to share its work.

Good news, dumps of programs will still be available on CPC-POWER.

Prehistorik Man on DSiWare, it's good to be american


Talking about Prehistorik 2 in the previous news, I saw on the wikipedia page that it was later ported to Game Boy and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, with a name change : Prehistorik Man. It was later ported on Game Boy Advance. There's also a DSiWare version of this game released in North America (only) on February 15, 2010.

You can see a video of Prehistorik Man for DSiWare on Youtube.

Prehistorik Man on DSiWare  Prehistorik Man on DSiWare 

Roland in Time on Xbox360 by Gavin Pugh


Have a look at Gavin Pugh twitter account about Roland in Time on Xbox360 with XNA.

CPC Games Reviews update


CPC Game Reviews has 3 new reviews. It also announce the availibity of Dead on Time as a tape package by Psytronik Software (Star Sabre 128 also available as a disc package).

Star Sabre 128 as a tape package  Dead on Time as a disc package

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