Amstrad CPC programs starting by character L

L.E.D. Storm Go / capcom 1988 Yes  
L.M.C. in your CPC LMC Software 1987 Yes  
La pulga Indescomp 1984    
Lab Escape EgoTrip 2013    
Labarinth S. avery 1990    
Labybi   1986    
Labynotaure G. canton 1985    
Labyrinth hall L. townsend 1987    
Labyrinthe H. hubert 1987    
Labyrinthe M. vieth 1987    
Labyrinthe S. bigeard 1988    
Labyrinthe aux Cent Calculs (le) Pierre Rossano      
Labyrinthe aux Mille Calculs (le) Pierre Rossano 1989    
Labyrinthe d'Anglomania 2 (le) Ruth Huart 1990    
Labyrinthe d'Errare (le) Retz 1989    
Labyrinthe d'Orthophus (le) Dominique Grandpierre 1989    
Labyrinthe de harley        
Labyrinthe de la reine des ombres (le)        
Labyrinthe de morphintax (le)        
Labyrinthe des sciences (le) Vta 1988    
Labyrinthe fou (le)        
Ladron del sol purpura (el) A.g. delgado 1986    
Lady Phoenix   201x    
Lala Prologue The Mojon Twins 2010    
Lala Prologue 2022 The Mojon Twins 2022    
Lancelot Level 9 / c. erskin 1988    
Landru & ses femmes        
Lands of havoc        
Lap of the gods        
Lapsus a l'oreille        
Las vegas casino Zeppelin games 1989    
Las Vegas video Poker Antony R. LILL, Darren BYFORD 1986    
Laser Jv. pons 1986    
Laser Boy   2017    
Laser Squad Blade Software 1989 Yes  
Laser Squad Expansion Kit 1 Blade Software 1990 Yes  
Laserwarp Mikro-gen 1985    
Last Believer (the) Paul Lucas      
Last Brew (the)   2023    
Last brick (the)        
Last days of doom (the) Topologicka / p. killworth 1990    
Last duel Us gold / capcom 1989    
Last duel inter planet war 2012        
Last mission (the) Micro map software / f. salmas 1987    
Last mission (the) Opera soft 1987    
Last ninja 2 System 3 1988    
Last ninja 2 remix System 3 1990 Yes  
Last of the Smileys J. MOULDING 1995    
Last race Black system 1989    
Last snowman M & mj. crewdson      
Last V8 (the) Richard Darling, Jim Wilson, David DARLING, Rob HUBBARD 1986    
Laveur millionaire (le) Loisitech / mcp      
Law of the west Accolade 1986    
Lawmmower simulator J. morris      
Lawn mower T. mughal 1985    
Lawn tennis Mastertronic 1987    
Laying mines   1990    
Lazer tag Probe 1987    
Lazer zone        
Lazer-Grid Kevin PARKER 1986    
Leader Board Us gold 1986    
Leader board (car)        
Leader Board Tournament Us gold 1987 Yes  
Leaderboard par 3 Us gold 1988    
League challenge Atlantis 1987    
Leather Goddesses of Phobos Steve MERETZKY 1986    
Lecture - CP Micro C      
Lee Enfield - An Amazon Adventure Infogrames 1987    
Lee Enfield in the Tournament of Death Infogrames 1987 Yes  
Lee Enfield is Space Ace Infogrames 1987 Yes  
Legend Delta software 1990    
Legend of apache gold (the) P. Torrence 1987 Yes  
Legend of Kage (the) Taito Corporation 1986    
Legend of sram   1990    
Legend Of Steel TOD Studios 2018    
Legende Fil 1987    
Legions of death Lothlorien 1986    
Lemmings Data East Corporation 1991    
Leonard Mind games 1986    
Letter litter P. tayler      
Letter riddle        
Lettres magiques (les) B.E.S. 1984    
Leviathan English soft 1987    
Leyend : en busca del unicornio Line soft 1987 Yes  
Leyend Of Anubis (the) Core Studios 2017    
Liberator   1989    
Liberez le cochon        
Libertar G. emsalem 1985    
Licence to Kill Domark 1989    
Licorne rouge ( la )        
Life A.j. kennedy 1990    
Life N. campbell 1998    
Life expectancy zero Blaby computer games 1985    
Lifeterm Alternative software / charles sharp 1987    
Lift elevator        
Light Corridor (the)   1990    
Light Force Greg FOLLIS, Roy CARTER 1986    
Light Grid LuBlu Entertainment 2023    
Light Pen - Mark II The Electric Studio 1985    
Light sword Sylvain GUEHL 1991    
Lighthouse (the) P. riley      
Lighthouse mystery B.m. eaton      
Lights out Rudiger 1997    
Limited over cricket Crl 1985    
Line of fire Us gold / sega 1990    
Line-runner G. schroeder 1985    
Lineker's collection Gremlin graphics      
Link J. erkens      
Lion Mike Wong 1993    
Lisa strip pot        
Little Computer People Activision 1987    
Little Devil   2023    
Little game        
Little Puff in Dragonland Codemasters 1989 Yes  
Live action Ocean      
Live and let die Elite Systems 1988    
Live fury   1989    
Liverpool Grandslam 1990    
Livingstone Supongo Jose Antonio MORALES ORTEGA, Carlos A. DIAZ DE CASTRO 1986    
Livingstone Supongo II Opera Soft 1989    
Livret de famille Lankhor 1990    
LLum Ivan AVILA 2022    
Load A File Header And Report   1985    
Locomotion A. price 1990    
Locomotion Mastertronic 1985    
Locus Eremus Antero MARTINEZ 2023    
Lode Runner Douglas E. SMITH 1989    
Logical head Rudiger / dbt productions 1997    
Logistic Fraggle 1993    
Logon's Run - 3D Meets The Aging Bits cpc Overflow, Tom Et Jerry 2017    
Lombyx H. delarue 1985    
Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death Audiogenic Software Ltd 1991 Yes  
Long way Poum 1988    
Loom Epsilon 1996    
Loop launch        
LoopWorlds Abderrahamane Guermat Benaouali, Jorge Angulo Espí, Sami Hadj-Djilani 2021    
Loopz Audiogenic 1991    
Loopz collection        
Lop Ears Sonic GRAFFITI 1991    
Lord of the rings - game one Beam software 1985 Yes  
Lords of Chaos Mythos Games Ltd 1990    
Lords of Chaos - Expansion Kit One Mythos Games Ltd 1991    
Lords of Magic Tony KINGSMILL 1989    
Lords of Midnight (the) Beyond Software 1985 Yes Yes
Lords of Time Level 9 Computing - S. Gazzard 1986    
Lorigraph R. Arranhado 1985    
Lorna Gabriel ORTAS, Rafael CABRERA, TPM, Alfonso AZPIRI 1990    
Los Angeles SWAT Mastertronic 1987 Yes  
Lost caves and the tomb of doom Players / tag games 1989    
Lost crown (the) S. sawdy 1985    
Lost dragon (the) Tom frost      
Lost legacy of xim        
Lost Shadow Tony KINGSMILL 1990    
Loterie   1985    
Loto D. prado 1986    
Loto Free game blot 1985    
Loto sportif 1n2   1987    
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Ali DAVIDSON, Bernie DRUMMOND, Ben DAGLISH 1990    
Louisiane / bagatelle F. pesin 1986    
Loup part en chasse (le)        
Lubix Black system 1989    
Lucky fruits Knightsoft 1985    
Lucky Luke - Nitroglycerine   1987 Yes  
Ludic Break The Loop Naad, Brando, Lex 2019    
Lunar lander White & kostecki 1986    
Lunar landing Cascade games 1986    
Lunar lunatic B. leahy      
Lunarun Pjm 1987    
Lurking Horror (the) Dave LEBLING 1987