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nc100em v1.3, an Amstrad Notepad NC100, NC150 and NC200 emulator by Russell Marks


The original Amstrad notepad NC100 emulator was written by Russell Marks. He just released a new version : v1.3 whose main features are :

  • new SDL2-based version
  • NC150 support
  • NC200 floppy disk support (using John Elliott's lib765)
  • everyone being 21 years older than the last time he did a release

You can of course use the native ROM of a notepad or use ZCN also by Russell Marks at v1.3 (with a fix if you use the format command). It should also be possible to use CP/Mish by David Given thanks to the NC200 floppy drive emulation.

The v1.2 has been modified by Nilquader and Gnarz.

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