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CPCEC, an Amstrad CPC emulator for windows by CNGSoft, 9th release


CPCEC (windows) is a new Amstrad CPC emulator by CNGSOFT released in 2019, which replaces CPCE (dos/windows).

A 9th release is available since the 30th April, the news are :

  • 20190419 - eighth public release : added options for image and sound interpolation; tape automatically rewinds itself when it reaches the end (à la FUSE); fixed a bug in TZX files that store 0 instead of 8 in the "used bits" field, another bug in CUSTOM INFO blocks in TZX files, and another one when ZXSEC loads a 48K SNA file in Plus3 mode (users should manually switch to a safe model beforehand anyway). INI files now remember the names of the last used files
  • 20190430 - ninth public release : softer B/W Spectrum palette; fixed bug in FDC sector size calculation if GAP datas are stored (Loriciels' discs); added simple memory contention to ZXSEC ("Amaurote", "Black Lamp", "Puzznic", "Sly Spy", "Zub"...)

There is a graphical menu since the third release.

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