September 2002 archives


The meeting Bordelik 5 will take place in Rennes (France) from saturday 9th to monday 11th november 2002. For more informations, get the invitation.

Another way to buy belts for 3 inch drives, go to Conrad, paper catalogue reference : 0349 097-30 (page 218 on french catalogue I suppose) or internet catalogue reference : 349097-62. It's 10 belts of different sizes ((91-76-66-55-46 mm x 2 each), for 4,95 euros (check the price, seems to change with each country).


Joyce v2.1.1 is out, it corrects a problem with printing.

Sad news, the Phenix Informatique (a good french web site) is no more after the loss of files :-(

Go download CPCE v1.01 which countains a bugfix of this CPC emulator.


A new version of Arnold/linux by Nurgle is out.

Remember playing fairlight ? Go have a look then, there is a nice looking non playable demo to download.

If you like remakes, here are other remakes :


Get the latest beta version of CPC++ emulator for MAC OSX.

Lately CPC Museum got several updates, the latest is some scan covers.


Go to 2002 MiniGame Compo, the 1 Kb games can be downloaded so you can vote for them, there are 3 Amstrad CPC programs.


CPCE v1.0 is out for dos 16bit/32bit and win9x !


Fantasy, a very nice french Amstrad CPC+ demo by Semilanceata, with english text, 1 .DSK

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