September 2000 archives


Get 2 demos : One's plasma factory and What a cool week-end.


Hydris has now a web page, he created some games and demos.


Go to Nocash site to get the latest version of the NO$CPC emulator for msdos and win9x.


There is a new version (37 beta 7) of the M.E.S.S. emulator. This version can emulates the NC200 notepad (not entirely).

Get the new files :


New file added, get Ze Meeting 2000, an Amstrad CPC+ demo made for the Ze Meeting 2000.

New sites added, go to :


There are 2 remakes of RebelStar (Firebird, by Jullian Gollop).

WACCI issue 133 is out.

Get Dream demo 6 by Chany of N.P.S.

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