October 1999 archives


Direct from the Croco Meeting 1 five new files :

And the pictures of the Mem Card (by RAM7) and the CPC ISA (by Siou) :

the memcard, a memory extension compatible with Dk'tronics the memcard, a memory extension compatible with Dk'tronics
the CPC ISA card the CPC ISA card


New link added, go to STSound for linux to get version 1.0 of the .YM player for X-Window.


New files added, get EuroWacci 5 and EuroWacci 6, an english disc zine featuring Wacci articles and original articles.


New link added, go to AMSSIO, where you will find schematics of the the AMStrad Serial I/O, a serial RS-232 interface for the CPC by Martin Zacho.


Two emulators updates :

- CPC4X v010 by Ulrich Cordes for linux/X11, the new features are : 128 Ko RAM, extended ROM support (ROM 1 ... 7), CP/M, Joystick (via numeric key pad), all most important keys on keyboard,
- MESS v0.36b7, now support for snapshots.


New files added, 2 emulators :


Graphic Wizard v1.4 for win9x by C.O.S., converts .BMP pictures to CPC screens, adjust settings of the picture before saving.

You will find the french solution of Maupiti Island if you click on the link.


I updated the faq about the 2 Mo mem card. It's only one card which uses 4 slot of static RAM (128 Ko or 512 Ko). I will have a photo of this card soon. For the moment, here is a photo of the RAMCARD :

the ramcard, a rombox using RAM


FutureOS web page is now also available in english. Go discover this alternative Operating System for the Amstrad 6128 and 464/6128+. It's a 100% new development, coded in Z80 Assembler. The OS is compatible to the old disc-formats (Data, System, IBM, Vortex and Dobbertin HD20) and file types (binary, ascii, ...). But it's not compatible with Amsdos or CPM programs. Old programs can be adapted, and they may run faster under FutureOS.


New version of Zmac, a Z80 macro cross-assembler, public domain by Bruce Norskog and others, cleaned up somewhat and documented by Russell Marks, tweaked by Mark RISON, C sources only.

New files, get the fanzines Better Than Life issue 1 and Better Than Life issue 2.


The 2 Mo MemCard by RAM7 is becoming slowly available. It's for or 6128 and 6128+, it's compatible with Dk'tronics memory extensions, it plugs on the expansion connector. It uses the same memory managing of the 6128 second 64 Ko bank. It comes with two parts :

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