October 2002 archives


HispaCPC is a new spanish web site with the CPC 464 manual in HTML form and a spanish translation of a basic idea by Sean McManus (thx for the book btw Sean).


Get IROM v1.0, an Amstrad CPC+ ROM by Iron/Hard'OS in september 2002, let you use ASIC, hard sprite editor, using all colors in Basic, etc...

Once again the phenix has awaken from its cinders.


You can download the documentation of the CPC Booster on Dirty Minds site, it's an extension card with many possibilties.


If you liked Toppler (Nebulus), here is a windows remake, but the site has a newer version for unix.


Congratulation to Richard Wilson for the 3rd place of the MiniGame compo, for his game Kiloroid.


You better have to go to Dirty minds site, to the hardware link, there is an interesting add-on card there.


Only 3 days left to vote for the Amstrad games in the MiniGame compo. The voting deadline is on this Monday at 12.00 GMT (early AM for Americans, just after lunch for Europeans).

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