October 2001 archives


Thank to Phenix Informatique (a very good french site), I have know the address of a web site which hosts polls. The vote for the logo contest will take place very soon now.

The rules of the vote are the following : my vote will be counted as 50% of the total. The vote will have 2 steps. First step is for choosing 3 creators of logos (regardless of the number of logos they did). Second step will be to choose a logo for each winner (if a winner has made more than 1 logo.

But for now, look at the logos I received before the vote begins. Especially for those who sent me a logo, send me an email if I forgot one of your logos, of if I make a mistake on the owner of a logo.

If someone want to send a logo, it's not too late !

New files, get :


cover of the french hard book : ces ordinateurs sont dangereux

If you can read french, a very good book "Ces ordinateurs sont dangereux" by fquentin @ club-internet.fr (François Quentin) can be ordered for 25 Euros (postage included, send an international postal order by going to your post office) to :

François Quentin
9 Nonneville
28140 Loigny la Bataille

GFX-ZONE (demoscene gfx site) has opened a CPC Gallery containing 130 images from various artists. These first images has been provided by optimus6128@yahoo.gr (Optimus). Contact GFX-ZONE if you have CPC images you want to appear in this gallery.

The CPCNG web site was updated with the boot rom source, informations about video and sound chipset and some news.


XCPC, a new Amstrad CPC emulator by Olivier Poncet for unix and X11R6.

If the vote for the logo contest still hasnt take place, it's because I had to take time to learn PHP and MySQL. As you can see, I didnt have this time. The last days, I was trying to use PHPolls with apache on my computer. Well, it didnt work too well... So if you know a web site which can host votes, I will be really very interested.


The version 3.0 of the Caprice32 emulator for win9x Ulrich Doewich is out.

New v1.9.3 of the unix Joyce (PCW emulator) at John Elliott's homepage.

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