November 1999 archives


I added a new file section : conversions of 8bit games. For the moment, there is only one file : the Midnight Engine v1.0 by Chris Wild. It's a conversion of Lords of Midnight and Doomdarks Revenge. Visit his homepage here.


New files added, get :

These zines come from Two Mag's ftp site, thanks to him.


Arkos web site was updated (bilingual site). You will find a preview of issue 7 of the Demoniak zine, and other things too.


New files added, get :


Good news, I have now a CD ROM burner, I will send all the last orders. The next orders will always have the latest files.


Night life 2 and Night life 3, an english Amstrad CPC zine (Darkside midnight production).


WinAPE32 also changed its web address. A new version should be out in about two weeks.

I updated the Azerty CPC 6128 ROM, it didn't work with Caprice32 due to additionnal useless bytes.

Siou's web site (author of the CPC-ISA card) has moved.

Two new files added, get :


URL change for La Pagina de Amstrad CPC/CPC+/PCW, a spanish site with emulators, more than 100 games, CPC+ games, etc...


New file added, get Impact 5, last issue of the english Amstrad CPC disc fanzine by Tom Dean in 1994, it was replaced by Donut Mag, 2 .DSK


Roudoudou loves too much its CPC, so Madram made him a very special hair cut. You can download the video.

New files added, get Quasar 16 and Quasar 17, a french paper zine. To order this paper zine, go to Futurs site. Futurs are making fo example the SoundPlayer+ : better sound (digiblaster compatible) and VN96 (the CPC network).


Win9x conversion of RebelStar available on Math Smith page.

New link added, go to The home of the Z80 CPU to find a lot of technical informations about the Z80.

For those who liked the Batman game by Jon Ritman in isometric 3D, you can download a PC conversion here..

New emulator version of CPC4X for linux by Ulrich Cordes.


New version 1.5 of the CPC++ emulator by Brice Rive for linux and Solaris.

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