November 2003 archives


The PDA 600 Software Developer´s Manual is now online.


The emulator M.E.S.S. has been updated v0.77, there is a new Z80 core used.

Amstrad Game Reviews has 5 more reviews.


Hideur Maker v2.0 has been updated, it's a msdos utility (french and english) for adding an amsdos header to a binary program.


Tower Toppler (a remake of Nebulus) has been updated.


Arnold for Mac OS X has been updated by Richard Bannister.


Amstrad Game Reviews has 8 more reviews.

As usual new issues of Amstrad Action are available on CPC Oxygen.

An interview of Cliff Lawson (Project Manager for NC and PDA600) is available on Amstradeus (choose english at the upper left).

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