November 2002 archives


CPC Oxygen issue 9 is out.

Get 232425, a new french demo, made for a meeting in June 2001.


CPC Magazine Covers has been updated with new covers of Amstrad Action.


A new version of Graphic Wizard (click on Réalisations link, french only) for converting PC pictures to CPC format will soon be out. One also wrote a program to use the CPC booster and use a linux box in a terminal window on the CPC.

Also go to CPCScene, a new FTP site, with for the moment Amstrad CPC zines and newspapers.


A new demo to download : Atoz.

Some news at Semilanceata with an utility to create sprites and a demo contest.


Go to Magazines where you will find all issues of the french newspaper Amstrad 100 pour 100.

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