November 2000 archives


If you want to buy Amstrad computers, games, parts, go to Ebay.


New link added, go to Simon's bits and pieces where you will find the text adventures games by Simon Avery.

Go to Cocoon System for a report of the Croco Chanel meeting.

New link added, in french, go to gallery of the french Amstrad expo in 1989.

New link added, in french, go to Downwater, you will find emulators, games, files, etc...

Get the latest version of CPCXfs, the dos and windows utility to manipulate .DSK files.


Everybody know that URL or email addresses can change. The site CPC Scene created by Roudoudou is here to let the CPC world have an URL or email address which will never change. This address will point to your real URL or email address ( to your web page and to your current email address).


Go to Nocash site to get v1.8 of the NO$CPC emulator for msdos and win9x. This version supports CPC+.

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