May 2004 archives

05/31/2004 Tom and Jerry update

Tom and Jerry's homepage (french) has been updated.

05/31/2004 Lords of Midnight's remakes

Lords of Midnight is one of the best games I ever known. You should know the remakes Icemark and War of the Solstice, there is also know a palm os version on Pocket Fuel - Midnight.

05/29/2004 Remakes

You like Deflektor and Nebulus and you have a GBA ? Then go on Foxy Softs to download a remake of these games for your nintendo GBA.

05/29/2004 Interviews on Phenix informatique

You will find on Phenix informatique (french) several interviews :

- Stephan Schreiber who wrote in the french newspapers hebdogiciel and Amstrad 100% as Septh,
- Christophe Guelff who started the CPCNG project (CPC NEW GENERATION),
- Serge Hauduc who wrote the 2 adventures games Sram and Qin.

05/29/2004 Winamp

If you use Winamp, get CPC Forever v1.51, a winamp skin featuring Amstrad CPC.

05/29/2004 CPCrulez

A new site (french) to visit : CPCrulez.

05/29/2004 Four new programs

Download four 2004 productions :

- CPC_T v3.1 by Madram, a french Amstrad CPC utility for crunching files, 1 .DSK, march 2004,
- Ze Meeting 2003, a package by Targhan and Barjack of all productions released for the Amstrad CPC meeting "Ze Meeting 2003" held at Bassoues the 15 to 17th august 2003.
- STarKos as a disk or a ROM : an Amstrad CPC soundtracker on STarKos site.
- the Arnold emulator (4th January 2004).

05/29/2004 Odiesoft

Odiesoft web page has been updated several times since the begin of 2004. There are now more demos and games to download.

05/29/2004 Remakes

A new site about remakes : Remakes Zone, and older sites you should already knows : Retrospec and Retro-remakes.

You will find remakes of Barbarian (a new version with enhanced graphism is on the way) and Green Beret on TDB Soft page.

05/28/2004 Manuals

Go see Magazines, the site of old french newspapers, with several Amstrad CPC titles.

You will find the manual of the C compiler Hisoft C on Serveur de revues pour Amstrad CPC.

05/28/2004 Scrolly NC200

Mark Russel, author of ZCN a CP/M like OS for Amstrad NC notepads and the NC emulator NC100em, has written Scrolly NC200, an action puzzle game, based on his 2003 Minigame Compo entry Scrolly Stack. It's basically a clone of the Panel de Pon/Tetris Attack/Pokemon Puzzle League series of games from Nintendo.

05/24/2004 Balls and Amstrad CPC Tools Kit

Balls, a new reflexion game created with the win9x Amstrad CPC Tools Kit is available on the web site. Click on the link "Jeux ACTK" to download it.

05/18/2004 FutureOS and Contiki

Everybody knows Amsdos, but do you know FutureOs, a real new operating system for Amstrad CPC ? There is also the Contiki Operating System and Desktop Environment. But this one doesnt exist on Amstrad CPC. It's a highly portable, open source, Internet-enabled, multitasking, graphical operating system that runs on a variety of constrained systems, ranging from modern embedded 8-bit microcontrollers to old 8-bit homecomputers like the C64.

05/18/2004 CPC-Hardware

CPC-Hardware (french site) is selling several things : external 3,5" drive kit for CPC 6128, belts, disks, boxes for 3" disks, Ramcard v2.3 (a rombox using RAM, so you can update whenever you want). It's the same webmaster than for Ordinausore quoted below.

05/16/2004 Late news

Several late news below.

A new french demo : DemoIzArt (link corrected) by Arkos & Mortel for 128 Ko CPC (CRTC 0 4).

You will find a new version of CPC Paint on Amstrad CPC Tools Kit. You will also find pictures of the Amstrad expo 2004 meeting (10th to 12th April 2004).

You will find about 80 ROMs for a Ramcard, rambox or an emulator on Revival.

StarkOS v1.1 is available, an Amstrad CPC soundtrakker by Julien Nevo.

You can read Das Schneider CPC Systembuch on this link.

Ordinausore is a french site where you can buy used Amstrad CPC cleaned (outside and inside, tested and repared if needed (belt changed for example).

Crimson Editor was updated, it's a text editor for windows which supports many programming languages, one of those is Z80 assembly.

You can download an acrobat reader file of all CPC Oxygen issues or ordering a printed version of all issues.

War of the Solstice, a windows remake of Lords of Midnight, has been updated.

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