May 2003 archives


CPC oxygen which has the permission from Future Publishing to put issues of Amstrad Action online has more issues now, in DjVu and JPG format.

A new version of the CoPaCabana emulator is out, with a better CRTC emulation.

Future OS is an operating system for Amstrad CPC that needs a rombox or a rambox, Future OS is more powerful than amsdos, but amsdos and CP/M programs must be adapted before using them under Future OS (they can even work faster). Type |OS or |FDESK to launch Future OS. For more information, go at Future OS, you can use it on emulators like Caprice (install ROMs A B C D in slots 10 to 13) or WinAPE 2.0a4 (doesnt work with WinAPE 2.0a5).

Speaking of Future OS, the second issue FutureView, the discmag for CPC and Future OS should be available at the end of july, with more than 50 Kb of articles, some pictures and maybe something special. It will be released in english, french and german.

Amstrad CPC emulators does exist since several years now, but there is now too a simulator of Amstrad Basic programmed in Javascript on le site de Steph.


For several years people thought that the CPC version of the Codemasters CD-ROM (using a domestic CD player and a special interface to convert the audio signal into something suitable for Arnold) didnt exist. In fact, the developper (The Oliver Twins) of the product acknowledged that it did exist, for more informations see Kevin Thacker's site.


The 9th edition of Ze Meeting 2003 will take place at Bassoues (France) from 15th to 17 August 2003.


STarKos v1.0, a new soundtrakker is available on CPCscene.

A new version of M.E.S.S. emulator is out.

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