May 2000 archives


Rush to Caprice to get a beta of v2.0

A CPC meeting in Germany in june, go here for more informations.


New link added, go to Phenix Informatique to find an annuary of CPC users, and other things too.


Go at the CPC Magazine Covers site which has now many covers.

New link added, go to :


New links added :

Go to the Arnold emulator page to get a new work in progress version of Arnold and also a new version of CPCFS wich can manage EDSK images ! This CPCFS version has also new features and bug fixes. And by the way, Arnold is faster now.


Rainbird has created an Amstrad CPC message board.

Krisalis Software ltd has a page where they present their 8bit titles.


Currently being auctioned on Ebay : an Amstrad Notepad NC100 Computer in near mint cosmetic condition and perfect working order. The seller lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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