March 2002 archives


News update on Winape.

New link added, go to Brad Williams.

New link added, go to, a good general Amstrad site.

New link added, go to No Recess, an Amstrad CPC demo maker.


ST-Sound plugin doesnt work anymore with IE6, go at Leonard site to download a file which allow to hear music again when you come see this site.

CPC Games Reviews changed its web address.

A new version of LIBDSK is out, you can get dsktools also, these 2 utilities are to read write DSK files on unix.

The first issue of FutureView, a multilingual discmag for FutureOS will be released at the Kl2002 meeting in Erlangen (24-26/05/2002).

By the way, FutureOS works on Caprice and WinApe v1.7 and 1.8 (not with winape 2.0).


Caprice32 v3.01 is available since already several weeks, correcting a bug of v3.0

Winape 2.0 alpha 3 is availble since a few days.

Downwater has released a new version of its utility hideur maikeur which adds an amsdos header to a file (linux et dos).


Get Congo, a 8 bit image viewer/converter for Windows, it can show images from Commodore 64, Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad/Schneider CPC, Commodore Plus4. It can save them in PC formats like bmp and jpg. And it can also convert PC images to formats of the supported 8 bit platforms with quite good results. Of course, you could load a C64 screen and convert it to Spectrum or CPC or vice versa.

DZ80 has been updated, it's a freeware Z80/Z180/Z80GB disassembler for binary files, such as arcade machine ROMs, Z80-based personal computer snapshots (e.g. Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Colecovision, etc.) It comes in two flavours, a DOS command line version and a Windows GUI version. Both have the same capabilities, but the Windows version has a built-in front end.

Girvnet has been updated, a nostalgia site with online browser-based games and a collection of scanned Hairy Hacker's Haunts from ACU magazine.

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