March 2000 archives


New site added, go to CPC Magazine Covers by Nicholas Campbell, where you will find scanned covers of Amstrad Action (AA), Amstrad Computer User (ACU), Amtix!, and Computing with the Amstrad (CWTA).


Kevin Thacker wrote on comp.sys.amstrad.8bit that he will release a work-in-progress of Arnold soon.

CPC/IP v0.11 is out, with an improved PPP layer and other things. There is also a new version of ZMAC.


Get the last version of the spanish Amstrad CPC emulator CPCE v0.6 here or directly on the new CPCE web page.

News from Caprice with a new screen capture of the GUI.


The FutureOS web page is now in three languages, german, english and french ! Go visiting this page about a new OS for Amstrad CPC. There will be soon a english version of FutureOS, and then a french version translated from the english version.


New link added, go to ST Sound Pleasuredome, where you will find over 71 hours of .YM music, that's more than 1.700 .YM files.

Go to the new Overlander site, a french Amstrad CPC demomakers group, where you will be able to find their productions, especially their last demo : Ecole Buissonnière by Madram.


Get Camembert Meeting Demo 4, a french Amstrad CPC demo for the Camembert meeting 4, by Ramlaid, Beb and Madmax, march 2000, 1 .DSK


Craig Howell started a Head over Heals remake, he won't be able to continue, so it's now Kak's remake which will do it. Kak is already the author of Watman, a batman remake. There will be a new watman soon with new graphics by Dough Gowers.

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