June 2000 archives of Genesis8 Amstrad Page


Beta 2 of the v2.0 of Caprice is out.


Get the new version of CPCE v0.7, the first spanish Amstrad CPC emulator by CNGSOFT.


New file, get PCW Boot Strap program by Kevin Thacker for use with the M.E.S.S. emulator.

If you are courageous, think about the german meeting which will be held in 2 days, see this sitefor more informations.


More precisions, the new belts are at 10 FF, only 2 belts by order.

New file, get Not Dead Demo, a french Amstrad CPC demo, an Arkos production in may 2000, CRTC adaptation (F0, F1), text in english and french, 1.DSK


I have once again belts, 50, thanks to one of the kindest person : Brian Watson.


No news are good news. Wait a few days for more news to come.

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