July 1999 archives of Genesis8 Amstrad Page


New files added, get the last version (v1.2) of ZCN, a CP/M like OS for the Amstrad NC-100 notepad (compatible CP/M 2.2), and the last version (v08) of ALL_CPC by Frédéric Herlem which must be the most complete list of Amstrad CPC programs.


New file added, get the latest WinApe32 emulator (v1.7b), which added a new command in the assembler: run addr[,breakpoint] and activated the associated run menu option (F9), fixed bugs in the assembler listing dialog, and added storage mechanism in INI file for open assembler files.


The fourth Wacci convention will take place on saturday 26th september 1999 in Peterborough (United Kingdom). It will be held in the Copeland Community Centre, Bretton, from 9am to 5pm. Road and rail links are excellent, those arriving by train can get a bus or a taxi outside the station. Tickets will cost 2 pounds, including buffet and can be pre-booked from John Bowley, see A9.1.2 or paid at entrance.

New link added, go to Amstrad CPC : emulation for beginners, a spanish/english page to help you using emulators, and homemade programs for CPC.


Two new commercial games added with the author permission, get klax and Infection here or from the author homepage Inkland.


New files added :

New link added, go to Nul Part System, a french page by Chany and Grees (they wrote demos), its goal is to find what you are looking for : games solutions, maps, tips and tricks, files, informations, etc...


Brian Watson is looking for volunteers to add new features to Maxam.


Caprice32 web site has undergone an extensive face lift.

New link added, go to Comsoft, Peter Campbell's company, selling Amstrad CPC hardware and software.

New link added, go to Amstrad information, useful tips and solutions to problems for the Amstrad PC, Notepad and PCW computers.

All files from ftp.lip6.fr/pub/amstrad are now directly on this web site.

New file added, get Desk Royal v1.2 by Axel Weber and Ulrich Cordes (1997), a freely copyable RSX basic extension for the CPC, which 40 new basic instruction to add an user interface, 1 .DSK DR v1.2 exists as a program or ROM.


New link added, go to Bernd Leitenbergers CPC Museum Site, where you will find emulators, ROMs and games. Thanks to Otto for the link.

You can see the file list of the A.F.C. CD by downloading afc-cd.zip.


You can find more infos on the CPC ISA card here.

There is now an international Amstrad mailing list where all languages can be used. Or click here for the french mailing list.


And the winner of the 2000th visitor is ... spanish ! He will receive soon a CD as announced.

The csa8 FAQ v1.10 is online as HTML or text. I will now only manage the HTML version and strip it of its HTML tags to make the text version. So the HTML faq will always be up to date.


It's now 1 hour in the morning, and I am the 1958th user, so the 2000th user (which will win an AFC CD if he sends me a picture of the screen with the counter), should connect around the 14th july as the average since the beginning of the site is about 26 visitors each day.


New link sub-page added for Amstrad PCW, NC & PDA :


More solutions of adventure games :

They come from the Classic adventure solutions archive.


The contest for the 1000th visitor was unsuccessful as nobody sent me a picture, so there is still a CD to be given to the 2000th visitor. Then send a screen capture to me.

New files added, get the ST-Sound PlugIn (see below) and the Zilog Z80 CPU Specifications.

New link added, go to The Odiesoft java dungeon, by Odiesoft, author of the excellent Amstrad CPC bomberman clone : megablasters. He is also the author of CPC demos.

Since a few days/weeks I wanted to add music to this page without taking time to really do it. But now, with the example of the Benediction page (see below), there is Amstrad CPC music which you will be able to listen to if you download the ST-Sound PlugIn by Leonard :


New link added, go to Benediction the only active CPC group with members from different european countries. At present it has members from France, Greece and Germany. Benediction was founded by Eliot and Villain in 1996. The original aim in 1996 was to set up a crew which is able to unite the CPC users all over europe (or the world). To keep the CPC alive it´s necessary to unite the european scene.


More solutions of adventure games :

They come from the Classic adventure solutions archive.


the CPC ISA card v2.0 is working !

The first CPC ISA card v2.0 will be present at "Ze Meeting 99", you will be able to look at a complete CPC in a PC tower with CD-ROM drive, hard disk, soundblaster and modem !

This site should be bilingual before end of july. Would someone be interested to translate the pages in german or in another language ?

Back from a short holiday. I can now once again access lip6. But the ftp server has NFS timeout errors so I can't put for the moment the files from my lip6 account to the ftp server. And my 12 Mo limit on multimania is near...

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