July 2002 archives


CPC Oxygen issue 7 is available.


Arnimedes v1.0 is out, it's an Amstrad CPC emulator for windows, the DOS version is still v0.8a.


CPC Oxygen issue 7 will be soon on your screen.

If you are using OCP art studio, you could be interested to go to Overlanders site, as you will find it as 3 ROMs.

If you are using Linux and LILO with graphic, download CPCLILO by Jesús Basco López.

More files sent by Elliot :


You know the CPC 464, 664 and 6128, but did you know that there is another model, the CPC 5512, not a lot of them were made by Amstrad, more informations on this page.

Joyce v2.0.1, the PCW emulator by John Elliott is available.

Thanks to Elliot, get Burglar, a french graphical adventure game by Lankhor.

More news this week-end.

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