July 2000 archives


Look at this section of the FAQ if you want to buy PCMCIA cards for your Amstrad NC100/150/200. These addresses comes from Tim's Amstrad NC Users Site.


The web pages are now on Free, so no more annoying ads. And I will toy with PHP/MySQL.


New file added, get Dream Demo 4 by Chany from Nul Part System, a french Amstrad CPC demo, 1 .DSK


New files added, get 3 Roudoudou productions :


New files added, get :

I am looking for a NC200, if you have one which isnt anymore used, think to me (I will pay with an international postal order).


New Amstrad NC 100/150/200 directory.


The french newspaper Quasar 18 is out, ask for it at Futurs.


Get ZMAC v1.3, the Z80 macro cross-assembler by Mark Rison (web page here).

New demos sites added, go to No Recess and Bad European News Gang (Beng).

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