January 2001 archives


Get several programs by Eric Cubizolle :


You were waiting for it, you didnt know for what, but here is it, the first Amstrad CPC demo of the third millenia : Optix 2 again by Eliot. You wont trust your eyes again after seing this demo. If you didnt see the first Optix demo, it's time to do it !

Eliot is one of the members of the Benediction group. Think about visiting their site, you will get an interactive YM music player, not like this third rate site where you are forced to hear forever the same YM music. If you still dont have the plug in to listen to YM music, download it .

By the way, thank you for all your connections on this site, the counter is now more than 10.000 hits in about 6 months on Free.


Last version of M.E.S.S. for MAC is now available.

NCIOSPEC has been updated with NC200 informations by Kevin Thacker.


Go on Ali Gator for CPC games by Claude Le Moullec (french site).


Subscribe to the FutureOS mailing list if you are interested to this Amstrad CPC operating system.


Visit SCREEN$, the museum dedicated to preserving pixel artwork from 8 - bit home computer games. On this site, which covers the 3 main home computer formats of the 1980's (Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC) you will find loading screen images, (seen during the cassette / disk load - up process) in - game screen shots and cassette inlay scans taken from a huge range of early titles.

Get TCMD (The Carambar Mega demo), a french Amstrad CPC demo by Kaneda and Candy (Mortel), august 2000, 1 .DSK


Get Devilry II, a french graphical adventure game by Eric Cubizolle, Emmanuel Rigot and Gilles Cordonnier, 1989, 2 .DSK


The french site CPC Club moved.


Welcome in the 21st century, happy new year to all.

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