January 2000 archives


CPC/IP v0.10 is out, it adds support for PPP (but SLIP remains the default for the executable for now) and support for 64K machines.


A new file update get, TURBO TRANSFER PC to CPC v0.9 by Tino Longueira, Turbo Transfer allows to copy DSK & EDSK files from PC to CPC using parallel interface in 50 seconds, homepage here.

Get Jet Set Willy II+, a remake of Jet Set Willy II by Andy Cadley for Amstrad CPC+.

A remake of Marble Madness by Electronic Arts is out, get Crazy Marbles here or at the author's homepage.


What is the source of the .YM music file you are listening ? If I remember well, it was in one of the french disc zine MBM (Métro Boulot Micro = Underground Work Computing) where you could see a duck smoking. I miss this MBM issue (I have only MBM 6, 7, 10), if you have some other MBM issues thanks to send them as .DSK to me.

New link added, go to AndyC's Website for the Clinically Insane which is about CPC+ and the coming Jet Set Willy Plus for CPC+.


Not really about Amstrad computers, go to Gibson Research Corporation then click on Click Here next to the pictures Shields Up and you will be able to know if your computer is secure or not. You might know for example that your computer has a trojan which opens some TCP ports. I discovered that win98 showed to everyone who could use a port scanner my netbios shares, not a good thing to do. Happily, my internet computer is now 99% of the time under linux which doesn't suffer this problem.


New version of Sentry (v1.09) by Momor Productions, the french Sentinel remake, and Xarchon (Archon remake).


New file added : Fres Fighter II Turbo, an Amstrad CPC arcade game (beat them up) by Bollaware for 1 or 2 players, the game features 6 differents fighters, 6 backgrounds, cheat modes, 2 other games in the game, music by Tom & Jerry, 2 .DSK, january 2000.

screenshot of Fre Fighter II Turbo  screenshot of Fre Fighter II Turbo  screenshot of Fre Fighter II Turbo

Go on TCS-Software homepage to look for informations, plans to make an IDE interface for Amstrad CPC. There is already IDE interface in the making by RAM7 and the CPC-ISA by Siou.


New link added, go to Thomas Hommes homepage where you will find an utility which can backup and restore the PDA600 memory from a file and can redirect the output of the "text printing"-function to a file or a printer (parallel/network).

A remake of The legendary armour of Antiriad is on the way, no screenshot or beta for the moment.


New file added, It was so nice before the crash of the mir station, a french Amstrad CPC+ demo by Eliot for Ze Meeting 1999, 1 .DSK, first CPC of the year 2000 !


Two Mag's FTP site is now available as a link on his web page, so no more problem of the IP address changing. As it's in french, choose the second option.

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