February 2005 archives

02/28/2005 PJA and ManageDSK

Ludovic Deplanque has updated ManageDSK to v0.7, you can now add or not an AMSDOS header when copying files to a .DSK

Also Projet Jeux d'Aventures (PJA) is now available. It's a PC utility to create adventure games for Amstrad CPC. He has written a first game with this utility : Planète mystérieuse.

02/27/2005 cpc-forever

cpc-forever is a new Amstrad CPC web site, german only.

02/27/2005 La Abadia del Crimen

A remake of La Abadia del Crimen exists for ms-dos since the 23th December 2000. There is now a rewrite for win9x of this remake which needs directx 8.1 since 6th February 2005.

02/21/2005 FIOLIB

FIOLIB is a C library for writing programs running on Amstrad CPC with the Future OS operating system.

02/20/2005 Amstrad.CPC and MP3

Amstradeus has new games stored as MP3. Last one is Kung fu master.

02/20/2005 Phenix Informatique

The owner of http://www.amstrad.org has taken back his domain, so you must go to Phenix Informatique with its old address.

You will find an interview on this site with Eric Charton who worked with Amstrad France, and a map of France with addresses of Amstrad CPC users.

02/20/2005 ManageDsk v0.4

ManageDSK (in english and french) by Demoniak is a windows tools for managing .DSK files.

02/20/2005 CPC Only Meeting III

The CPC Only Meeting III will happen from 29th March to 1st April 2005 in Frankfurt (Germany).

We will meet at the tavern Training, the meeting itself will be held beside the restaurant. There is enough place for 12-18 CPCs or more. Further we can use the complete public house. There is enough place for us and our equipment.

You can eat and drink in the "Training". There is something for every gusto. Despite the meals are very good, the price is really low. There is NO sum to pay to join the meeting, it's all free. But as little contribution you can eat or drink something in the tavern. This is not a "must", but no doubt it's no error.

You can sleep at the tavern in your sleeping bag. Or you can go to a hotel near the meeting place.

For more informations about the meeting, contact TFM : TFM(at)FutureOS(dot)de

02/20/2005 The Apprentice

The Apprentice reality show

The reality show the Apprentice with Alan Michael Sugar has started. I dislike reality shows and never see them on TV. This one I could look at though.

02/14/2005 CPC Game Reviews

CPC Game Reviews has been updated with 10 new reviews.

02/05/2005 Amstrad CPC emulator on Sega Dreamcast

A W.I.P. Amstrad CPC emulator for Sega Dreamcast does exist : Dream-CPC.

02/02/2005 Games menu again

The games menu has now links to download programs from ADATE : Batman for example.

02/02/2005 CPCGamesCD updated

CPCGamesCD is a CDROM image with all games from NVG (up to 8th January 2005), the CPC Loader v1.4 frontend, and a new snap pack with 1900 images.

02/02/2005 Joyce v2.1.6

A new version of the Joyce Amstrad PCW emulator is out :

02/02/2005 Amstrad expo 2005

The Amstrad expo 2005 meeting will take place as usual at Coutances (France) starting saturday 26th to monday 28th March, in the Espace Jeunes place.

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