February 2002 archives


CPCNG changed its web address, it's an hardware project for a new computer base on the Amstrad CPC.

The next version of the CPCE emulator will exists in 3 versions (DOS, DPMI and win32) instead of the only dos version.

News about the Amstrad CPC emulator on the Nintendo GBA from the author who did post on comp.sys.amstrad.8bit :

I am the author of the Amstrad CPC emulator for GBA, it has some interesting features in order to be playable on the small GBA screen, such as scrolling the visible area and "conditional split screen"... this means that you can see two diferent screen areas at the same time (game screen/Score) one over the other. There is an scaled mode too (using GBA's scaling/rotation features) but is a bit time-consuming, since I have to render the FULL screen instead of the VISIBLE screen. Screen is centered horizontally (if no other settings). There is also a selectable on-screen tiny cpc keyboard ;-) There will be a public release soon (week/s) ... stay tuned.

A new version (v2.0) of the PCW Joyce emulator is out. Same thing with WinApe.

Kevin Thacker is looking for help for his MakeCDT utility which transforms samples files into .CDT files.

Just for a reminder, 2 sites for remakes of 8bit games : Retrospec and Retro-remakes.

Get the first asm demo by Plissken.

If you had a Amstrad PC 1512, you can download the PC1512 Technical Reference Manual

For unix lovers, LIBDSK was updated, it's a library to access disks or disks images for various uses.


Tototeseb moved. You still can find on it issues of the french newspaper Amstrad 100%.


A new version of the Joyce PCW emulator is available.


The spanish emulation site Emulatronia is mentionning a Amstrad CPC emulator for the GameBoy Advance. No download is possible at the moment, Kevin Thaker was contacted by the emulator author, so it shouldnt be a fake. I think that I will soon own a GBA.


The next french meeting will take place in Coutances (50) at "l'Espace Jeunes" from saturday 30 march to the 1st april included.


An interesting site featuring an Amstrad CPC newspaper : CPC Oxygen.


Get a remake of Bruce Lee here.

New version of the Arnold emulator for windows and linux.

The CPC++ emulator for MAC changed his web address.

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