February 2001 archives


This web site needs a logo, so it is time for a logo contest which will last till the 31th march. The 1st logo author will get an A.F.C. CD and 2 belts. The 2nd logo author will get an A.F.C. CD, the 3rd logo author will get 2 belts.


Get the latest version of Jet Set Willy II+ (august 2000) for CPC+ by Andy Cadley.


There is now a dutch FAQ in html or in text to read.


New news on Caprice site.

I need your help for the FAQ and this site. Thanks to fully read the FAQ, then if you have something to add/change/move, write it and send me it. For the site, all help will be welcomed.


TypeIns countains type ins and programs from U.K. magazines.


Get the new demo Iron 2.

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