August 2001 archives


Get Elite the new kind, a conversion of Elite for win9x using reverse enginering of the BBC elite version.

New beta version for Unix of the Joyce emulator (PCW) at John Elliott's homepage.


Want to learn about the CPC demo scene ? Then go to The CPC demoscene (by Optimus/Dirty Minds), which isnt the same site than Amstrad CPC scene (by Roudoudou). The CPC demoscene has a link to Symbos, a Graphical Multitasking Operating System for the CPC.


For those who dont read comp.sys.amstrad.8bit, Ulrich Doewich is porting Caprice32 under windows.


Go on Gremlin Graphics World where you can find legally all Gremlin games for several platforms, all Gremlins games will be here soon too.

Go on The CPC zone, a new web site, which (quoted) : you will find hundreds of games, original covers, reviews of classic games and emulators, interviews with many emulation/game developers, emulator guides, cheats, pokes and a message board for discussing the classic times.


HOH2 is a site about the game Head over Heels (Ocean) by Jon Ritmann and a future remake of the game.


Tim's Amstrad NC Users Site has now a new design, have a look. And if you have a NC200 to sell, I am interesting.

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