April 2002 archives


Thanks to FG Brain de Chaos, some more files :

Thanks to Nicholas Campbell, more files to download :


Wacci is an U.K. based user group that supports the Amstrad CPC computer, you can find an online version of their newspaper on their web site.

LIBDSK has once again been updated.


New look for Amstrad CPC & C64 nostalgia (french), where you will be able to find for example how to replace the internal 3" drive by a 3.5" drive.

Xrick is a remake of Rick Dangerous, only for linux at the moment.

CPC oxygen issue 4 is out.


Good news, the french news site Phenix informatique is alive again.


Get the last ALL_CPC version, a list of all Amstrad CPC games.

Get GoodCPC v0.999.4, a database utility (7046 entries) which will rename your .DSK. Some of the 7046 entries comes from CPC Museum.

You can get a divx video of the Amstrad Expo 1989 meeting (about 63 Mo). The ZIP file has a password : www.tototeseb.com. I downloaded it but had only the sound, not the images.

Get 11 soundtrakker 128 musics converted by Tom&Jerry from the C64 game Times of Lore.

Get STK2YM, an Amstrad CPC utility by Targhan / Arkos to convert soundtrakker 128 music to .YM file.


Get the new Winape version now.


Phenix informatique, a good french site is stopping news update, but will stay online.

You wil find NC100 and NC200 programs on Ashwin Wavde site.


You can read about the Amstrad expo 2002 meeting with pictures on CPCScene and JRM45.

Helpfanz 2, a new french paper zine made by Iron went out with the Amstrad expo 2002. If you want to read it, send enough stamps to :

Amaury Durand
20 av. de la Division anglaise


I want to thank again the persons who made one, or several, logos. They are finally used randomly on the site with PHP code (thanks to One and Eliot).

A bit late, but get demonoel, a french demo by Plissken made for christmas 2001 and the new year 2002.

Late again, Citron, a demo made in february 1999, featuring a realtime calculated 3D mapped object with phong, the demo may crash before it works (reset the CPC with CTRL + SHIFT + ESC).

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