April 2000 archives


More precisions about IRC channel, they are multilingal :

New link added, go to Ansible Information, which sells utilities related to Amstrad PCW :


If you are looking to convert NC100/150/200 word processor files (protext) to RTF format :


Get Future OS v0.7 (english), a new operating system for Amstrad CPC which needs a rombox or a rambox, Future OS is more powerful than amsdos, but amsdos and CP/M programs must be adapted before using them under Future OS (they can even work faster under Future OS). Type |OS or |FDESK to launch Future OS. For more informations, go at Future OS homepage.

Go at the Arnold emulator page to get a version in the work of this win9x emulator. Beware you need a Pentium II to get a good speed as it is written entirely in C.


For more informations about Ze Meeting 2000, click here. Take time to visit Roudoudou site.


If you are interested in Interet Relay Chat, check this :


New version of the Amstrad CPC emulator for msdos : Arnimedes, get v0.8a here or on the Arnimedes web page. This version corrects a memory banking problem.


The links pages mention now the languages used.

Demoniak issue 7 is out, it's a french Amstrad CPC disk zine by Targhan, Orphee of Arkos in april 2000, articles mostly in english with reviews, assembly lessons, reflexion about the CPC scene, etc..., 2 .DSK


The A.F.C. CD is now about 681 Mo, I will be soon forced to remove some files if I want only one CD, other else A.F.C. will sell a second CD for those interested, there will be about 100 to 200 Mo of Atari ST files that I never could put on the first CD due to lack of place. The CD is sold 50 FF (price for Europe), postage included. The 2 CD should be sold at 80 FF.


A new Amstrad CPC emulator for msdos : Arnimedes, get v0.8 here or at its homepage. It needs EMS memory to work. It doesn't manage extended DSK for the moment, only DSK files.


There are once again 3,5 inch cables for CPC and CPC+, and also centronics connectors, see the AFC page.


Some good news, Lankhor gave the permission to let their old games be freely available, you can check it here. So I am looking for their games, but without any mention of cracker. For french users, go on The X web le manoir de mortevielle where you will find a lot of things about Maupiti Island and le manoir de mortvielle.


New site added, go to CPC Club (french only), the web site of the CPCclub on 3614 cnx (minitel).

New emulator version of CPC4X for linux by Ulrich Cordes.

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