May 2005 archives


An alpha version of the Amstrad CPC emulator DreamCPC for Sega Dreamcast is available.

CPC Game Reviews

CPC Game Reviews has been updated with 16 new reviews.

Nicholas Campbell has released a new game for the Amstrad CPC. It is a conversion of the ZX Spectrum game zblast SD, which was submitted to the 2003 Minigame Competition and finished fourth. It comes with instructions and source code. You can download the game zblast SD.


CpcAlive is a new Amstrad CPC emulator.


Thanks to John King, I have now a Notepad NC200. But I am missing the manual, so if you have a spare one, I am interested (I will pay postage). I know the manual is on Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site, but I prefer the good old paper one.

CPC Games that Weren't

CPC Games that Weren't is a new web site focusing on commercial Amstrad CPC games announced but never released like Toki (or released incomplete).


A new version of the Caprice32 emulator is out. This version adds joystick support with the keyboard, a new better CRTC 0 emulation, but still no G.U.I.

Amstrad.CPC updates

Amstradeus has interviewed Benoit Varasse, author of Atomic fiction and Zarxas. You will also find the 3rd asm tutor and new games as MP3 files.

Projet Multiface II

CPC-Hardware needs help to contact people who worked at Romantic Robots. He needs to be able to read the PAL electronic components on the Multiface II to be able to make some new.

Lords of Midnight remakes

War of the Solstice has been updated. Also Midnight Flyer is another LOM remake.