June 2004 archives on Genesis8 Amstrad Page


Go run to Icemark, Chris Wild is working again on his windows port of LoM, the what's new page has beautiful screenshots.


I am starting slowly to use CSS (see this site for examples of CSS use), so in the future, the site will be nicer to see, and without frames.

There are good games, there are also good music games. Saboteur 2 is one good example, nice game, nice music. Marcel Donné has composed 2 remix of this music :

A lot of work has been done by Roudoudou, which has made the complete plan of the game Saboteur 2 with all game screenshots.


v4.1.0 of Caprice32 is out :

- emulator can now run in either fullscreen or windowed mode, with the possibility to switch between them at run time,
- added command line parsing: pass dsk/sna/cdt/voc images (as is or zipped) to the emulator and they are processed as necessary,
- added FPS display,
- lots of behind-the-scene changes to make Caprice32 compile and run "out of the box" on Linux (thanks Stephane and Jurgen!).


CPCMuseum (french) has been updated with a new content : you will be able to download manuals games.


As announced the 6th june, there is a new interview available on Amstradeus from Vincent Grenet, the author of the well know game "l'aigle d'or".

CPC-em is a freeware Amstrad CPC emulator that I didnt know. There is a new version, for dos only (v0.4). Last version (v0.3) is for dos and windows.


Amstrad Action issue 85 is available on CPC Oxygen.


A new version of the WinAPE emulator is available : new ZIP and other archive support, improvements to debugger and screenshot saving.


A new version of the M.E.S.S. emulator is available, with some updates to the Amstrad CPC emulation.


You can read the latest FAQ of the newsgroup comp.sys.amstrad.8bit. There are mostly PCW updates in this version.


You will find on Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site the NC100 and NC200 manuals to download.

Caprice32 has just gone Open Source! Version 4.0.0 is now available from the Caprice32 project page at SourceForge.net. This is very much an alpha release and does not yet have a user friendly interface (GUI or command line). If you're looking for a "usable" CPC emulator, stick with v3.6.1 or try one of the alternate CPC emulators available.

If you're interested in joining the development team or wish to port Caprice32 to some other platform, please see the project page on SourceForge.net for contact details.

This announce is directly taken from Caprice32 web site. For your information this new version use the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) graphic library instead of directx, so ports will be easier to do. I want to see a dreamcast or a gamecube port :-) !

This new version add supports for digiblaster and soundplayer, two hardware add-ons for a better sound.

Thanks to Ulrich Doewich for continuing developpement of his emulator and to the future other persons who will help to enhance it.

Arnold has been ported on xbox : ArnoldX Amstrad CPC Emulator. But beware, there is no download possible on the author site, you have to find it yourself on internet. vous will find more informations here.

A new interview is available on Amstradeus from Joël Sana who wrote Amcharge. And soon an interview from Vincent Grenet, the author of the well know game l'aigle d'or.


CPC Game Reviews has been 10 more reviews.

Three new links (spanish only) : Los Mejores Juegos del Amstrad CPC (The Best Games of Amstrad CPC), AMSTRAD.ESP and Ordemania.

You will find an interview about FutureOs on Phenix informatique (french). This site is also announcing a reality show with Alan Michael Sugar, more informations on the Apprentice.

There is a new version of Small Device C Compiler available. It's freeware, retargettable, optimizing ANSI - C compiler that targets the Intel 8051, Maxim 80DS390 and the Zilog Z80 based processors. With this compiler, maybe the Contiki OS could be compiled on Amstrad CPC, Kevin Thacker is looking at it at the moment, with some informations given by Hans Hansen.


Issue 97 of Amstrad Action is now uploaded and can be viewed at CPC Oxygen.


Le vieux manuel is a site (french only), where you can find manuals of Amstrad CPC programs (but not only), if you have lost it, or buy an used game without it.