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CHR$(143) by Nicolas JEAN, a tribute to Amstrad CPC 464 CHaRacter$ based games


CHR$(143) on Steam by Nicolas JEAN for 3,29 € is a game for windows being a tribute for the Amstrad CPC 464 (user-defined) "CHaRacter$" based games.

Guiding a small group of "agents", you will gradually discover a Lost World, the seemingly simple graphics of which conceal its hidden complexity...

You will learn to move in it, to understand its physical properties, to accumulate sufficient stocks of materials, to build structures, machines and vehicles, to engineer various types of power plants to fullfill your growing needs for energy, and to search, sometimes even in the fog of war, for the enemy that your destiny requires you to defeat...

72 built-in levels + unlockable User Level Editor and (experimental) unlockable LAN Multiplayer Mode.

You can see on Nicolas JEAN's Youtube some videos including ones about level 5 et 6 (spoiler alert).

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