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Open Tower Defense by Roudoudou, an Amstrad CPC strategy game


Open Tower Defense is the last work of Roudoudou, a strategy game of the tower defense type, whose sources on Github are available.

The game was written by :

  • roudoudou (Edouard BERGE) for code
  • hwikaa for GFX cover and more
  • e-dredon for 6 channels music (Playcity)
  • Tom&Jerry for 3 channels music
  • Ast for mass-storage version of the game

It was tested yesterday by JB Le Daron on Twitch.

For playing you must use the following keys :

  • T => create Tower
  • B => create Bash tower
  • H => create Hurricane tower
  • S => create Swarn tower
  • U => upgrade
  • D => delete
  • ESC => instant quit

If you have a GOTEK/HXC/FlashFloppy, you should update your firmware if you want use the .DSK version of the game, otherwise use the .HFE to avoid firmware bugs.

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